Monday, April 16, 2012

SOLD to the sucker with the auction number in her hand!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I had a nice quiet day at home, topped off with a chocolate birthday cake the kids got for me.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Angel #2 and I wanted to go to an auction being held in town. It was for an elderly couple cleaning out their house to go into assisted living. Old people usually have good junk and since #2 and I are both into 1950's stuff, we figured it was worth a look-see. It was a beautiful day, which brought out a lot of people looking for an excuse to stand around outside and since it's too early for gardening work, an auction is a perfect outlet. There were actually 2 auctions in town that day, but the other one was for farm equipment, which didn't interested us in the slightest, even though we were in the minority. There were a TON of cars parked at that one. There were quite a few at the one we went to as well. We looked around for a little bit but didn't see anything real exciting that we couldn't live without, so we headed out rummage saleing instead. After a couple rummage sales, we swung by a fundraiser also being held in town (it was a BIG day in our little town). The fundraiser was for a local Amish family whose little girl needs a lot of medical care (she weighed only 2lb2oz at birth, she's now 2 years old). We bid on a few silent auction things, bought a couple brats for lunch and sat out on the grass and ate out lunch. While there we bumped into a lady we were talking to at the fundraiser we'd been at the night before. That one was for our local EMT's and was a fish boil. I'd been looking forward to that one for a long time since fish boils are so incredibly tasty. After lunch, we went back to the original auction to see what kind of progress had been made. The crowd had thinned out enormously, they'd already sold the big ticket item, a 1959 Ford Fairlaine convertible. There were a few interesting things in boxes that I thought might be fun to pick up if the price was right, so I got a number and started paying attention to what was going on. Well, I didn't get any of the things I thought looked interesting, but I ended up buying a box of miscellaneous glass casseroles and cake pans for $1 and a dresser for $4. It was a bit of an adventure getting the dresser into the minivan, but we managed without damaging ourselves, the van or the dresser. We also saw the woman we'd been talking to at the other fundraisers (everyone in town apparently just wandered back and forth from fundraiser to auction the entire day) as well as the Superintendent of our school, who ended up buying a box of wooden shoes at the auction, he claimed that he finally got a pair of shoes that wasn't going to wear out. I told him they probably weren't ideal for sneaking up on misbehaving students at school.

After we were all fundraisered/rummage saled/auctioned out, we picked up WE's dates corsage for prom and headed home. I helped WE iron his shirt and gave him a few prom date tips before he headed out the door for his big night. He was a bit lacking on the romance end of the deal. He didn't ask the girl to prom until Thursday. He'd been planning on just going stag so he'd already made plans with his friends that he had to readjust a bit. His buddy Billy picked him up here and he met up with his prom date at the Co-op. I thought he could have come up with a little better meeting place since prom pictures in front of the gas pumps or the feed bins aren't the most romantic, but he claimed it was the girls idea for the whole group to meet there. I guess your prom meet-up places are pretty limited in a town as small as ours. They then went out to eat, which also made WE a little nervous since the majority of his money went toward getting a new dress shirt for prom and he only had $30 left for the meal. He figured he'd be alright if she didn't order steak or lobster. I think her mom must have given her a pre-date talk, because the girl ordered water and a chicken wrap and WE got out of there for under $20. It sounds like he had a great time, though he got picked on a bit by his buddies. It was bad enough that his date was already taller than him, but her 3 inch heels made him look like an absolute midget. Sad thing is, at 5'9" WE is the tallest in our family. I guess we're a family of munchkins.

Sunday was a special thing for church. People come from all over and gives our kids a chance to meet up with kids they don't normally get to see. A friend of mine who has 4 boys all about the same age as my kids was there. Her boys have changed a bit since they used to play in the tire swing in our backyard with my kids. Angel #2 decided it was time to get reacquainted, especially with the oldest boy, a tall, blonde, good-looking pre-med student. Sadly, she used the Napoleon Dynamite book of pick-up lines when she saw him and said, "I like your tie, it's really clean." It's a wonder she doesn't have guys lined up outside the door with lines like that.

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