Monday, April 23, 2012

So, is April National Rodent Week or something?

I didn't tell you about my horrific experience on my birthday, mostly because I forgot. But, further events have made me suspect that there's a conspiracy afoot. On my birthday, of all days, I was going to haul some things upstairs in our granary. The upstairs in our granary is the catch-all place for stuff I have no place for in the house. Random kitchen stuff, jigsaw puzzles, suitcases, etc. So, I walk into the granary and turn to go up the stairs when I rat (yes, a RAT!) came running down the stairs right at me. It literally Ran. Into. My. Leg. Then he bounced off and continued down the steps and ran into a hole in the floor. As you can imagine, there was some screaming going on. I mean, really people, a RAT ran into my leg. I pretty much was freaking out for the rest of the afternoon. Then, Saturday, when we got home from WE's track meet, there was a mouse running around in the bathtub. Fortunately, I didn't see it, but WE did, it ran down the bathtub drain and he ran water until hopefully it drown and is now slowly decomposing in the septic tank. Then Sunday, Angel #2 was putting on her shoe and felt something inside. You guessed it, there was a dead mouse in her shoe. She didn't inherit her mother's fear for rodents, so she just shook it out outside, put on her show and jumped in the van to go to church. And, if all that isn't traumatizing enough, today I let the dog outside, he ran to the side of the barn and started barking like an idiot. I went to see what he was getting all worked up about and there was a squirrel crawling up the side of our barn. He made it all the way to the peak, which is probably about 40ft high and made weird little chirping noises while the dog went bonkers on the ground. Eventually I got the dog in the house, but every time I went outside to do something, he'd run back out there and act like a big dork while the dumb squirrel still clung to the side of the barn. Eventually, it either climbed down or got into the barn, because by mid-afternoon, it disappeared. Weird thing is I've never ever seen a squirrel in our yard, we have no big trees to attract a squirrel or anything. So, why was there a squirrel climbing our barn???

 As I said earlier, WE had a big track meet on Saturday. He had an awesome day and broke a lot of his personal records. He even managed to get 4th place in the long jump, which is pretty good considering there were 6 schools there and 15 long jump participants. He beat his personal best by almost a foot! Tomorrow, Angel #4 has her first meet. It'll be interesting to see how she does.

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