Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attacked by swim trunks. Has my life come to this???

The act of innocently shaking the wrinkles out of a pair of swim trunks before folding them became vicious today.  The little islet on the end of the drawstring snapped back and hit me just below, then just above my eye.  It doesn't look like it left a mark, but dang, it hurt.  I hope there's no bruising or swelling, because I would hate to have to explain to people that I hurt myself folding laundry.

Through an impressive display of teamwork, hubs and I got the chickens set up in the barn today.  The baby chicks had been hanging out in an old air conditioner box in our attic room for long enough, they're getting too big and noisy.  We didn't really have a place set up in the barn for them yet.  We've got the chicken pen in the barn, but I don't want the little chickens in with the big ones just yet.  We had a big water tank set up in our haymow.  Back in the day, all the barn's eaves were channeled into it so it would fill up when it rained.  A pipe was set through the bottom, which went through the floor of the mow and through a series of pipes running through the lower part of the basement, giving the running water way back when running water in a barn was a huge luxury.  Well, our barn has a faucet now, so we don't need the big tank up in the mow, but it's the perfect size for a bunch of little chickens to live in for awhile.  So, between the two of us, we got this huge tank unplumbed and carefully lowered over the edge of the haymow and set up in the barn.  I cleaned it out, covered the bottom with hay and we stuck the chicks in there.  They freaked out a bit at first, not only were they not used to the tank after living their lives in a cardboard box, but up til this time, they've only walked on newspapers and paper towels, so the hay was pretty darn exciting to them.  They seemed to be getting braver and wandering around when I was done doing my outside chores, hopefully the heat lamp will keep them warm enough tonight.  I'm just happy to have a chicken-free home once again.

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