Monday, September 2, 2013

Boyfriend Win

I swear, I don't know what I"m going to write about when WE moves out next summer, he's given me so much material over the years.  The Marines better appreciate him is all I can say.

Tomorrow is WE's girlfriend's birthday.  Apparently, he really screwed up on the 1st anniversary things last month, so he had to redeem himself and boy, did he ever.  First off, he took her out to dinner at a nice place - extra points for me when the people in front of them in the restaurant line asked for a table by a window and they were told they were all reserved.  Who told WE to make reservations ahead of time??  Me, that's who!  Yay mom!!  After they were done eating, he took her out to the car and blindfolded her so she wouldn't know where they were going next.  He possibly could have been pulled over as a kidnapping suspect, so another yay for unobservant bystanders!  He took a roundabout route to the beach, which had to be a bit of a challenge since the restaurant they ate at was called Water's Edge so it's not like they had a long way to go.  Once they arrived at the beach, he kept the blindfold on while he got things set up then led the GF out to the beach where she was surprised with a blanket on the beach surrounded by candles and a chocolate fondue as the centerpiece.  He even had her gift wrapped, thanks to Angel #4 who did it for him after he attempted to wrap it using duct tape and superglue.  He gets his wrapping skills from his mother.  He even had light up balloons and glow sticks to play with once it was really dark.  He's going to have a tough act to follow for her next birthday - organizing this event pretty much drove him insane with all the planning.  But, come to think of it, he's going to be in basic training at this time next year, so he'll probably be off the hook.

I got the blame the other day for something, and for once, I was completely innocent.  I was over at WE's GF's house the other day - her mom and I are friends - and I'm not sure how we got on the subject, but I was telling her how hypersensitive WE is to noise.  His bedroom is next to the bathroom and if you brush your teeth without closing the bathroom door, he has an utter fit about the noise.  Well, a couple days later, WE blames me for a video he got on snap chat.  His friend Mitch and his girlfriend Bailey, sent him a video of them brushing their teeth.  He complained about it to everyone and said that his GF heard what I said and so arranged for them to drive him nuts with the toothbrushing video.  The next day he got another video of a different friend brushing his teeth, after that, a couple more.  I happened to be standing next to Mitch and Bailey in the concession stand line at Friday night's football game and mentioned it to them.  They said the funny thing was they were just horsing around and sent the video to about 10 people just for laughs, but when WE had such a conniption  about it, they spread the word so more people would send him their own tooth brushing videos.  So, instead of it being MY fault like he claimed, he actually set his own self up.  Then I told them that another noise that really drives him crazy is the sound of people eating corn on the cob, so now they're going to work on a new video...and that one just may be my fault.  ;)   I kid you not, the last time our family all had corn on the cob, WE wore one of those sets of ear muffs that construction guys wear when they're working a jackhammer.  It was hilarious.

Tomorrow it's back to school.  I don't think the kids are quite ready to go back yet, but I think it's about time.  It's been such a cold crappy summer (it's 63 degrees right now, labor day afternoon) that we might as well be doing something inside since it's so cruddy outside.  I'll be back at work as well, torturing elementary school children for another year.  Life is good.