Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I don't have time for all this stuff

I'm finally taking a little break to catch up here, I've been busy busy busy.  That's the problem with going on vacation, it takes forever to get things back in order once you get home.

We did some great stuff when we were in Florida.  We were there for hubs for business, so on Tuesday night, we met all the business partners at a Cuban restaurant at Downtown Disney for dinner.  I'd never had Cuban food before, it was pretty good stuff.  The next day was meetings followed by the 6pm show of La Nouba, Circe Du Soleil is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend any of the Circe shows if you ever get a chance to get to one.  Thursday was more meeting, it was held in one of the meeting rooms in a Downtown Disney restaurant, so we were right in the thick of things, though I can live a very very long time without ever hearing another Disney song.  Thursday night we let Angel #4 pick a dinner show to go to and she picked Medieval Times.  The three of us went with 2 of hubs business partners and we all had a great time.  #4 and Peter (one of the partners) were having a super time harassing the opposing knights and really getting into it.  #4 was thrilled to have our knight toss her a flower during the show and she made sure she got her picture taken with him afterwards.

Friday was our first day to ourselves and Angel #4 got to live out her dream to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.  She was practically floating down the streets of Hogsmeade she was so happy and when she ordered a butterbeer, I thought she was going to burst out into song.  Saturday we went to Ybor City in Tampa, but spent most of the day just chilling.  On our way home on Sunday, we got to spend a few hours with Angel #2.  We met her boyfriend, her roommate, her/my friend Amanda and got to see where she lives and works.  It was great seeing what a great life she's made for herself down there.  It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction as a mother to see my kids out in the world, taking care of themselves and living a happy life.  What more could a mother ask for?

WE made it onto Homecoming court, which is kind of a big deal around here.  You get on the court with a combination of your accumulated sports letters and your GPA.  But, WE's phone died yesterday and he doesn't have the money to replace it, so he was wondering how to go about auctioning off his place on homecoming court so he could raise the money for a new phone.  I told him I didn't think he'd get away with doing something like that and he might have to do something even more drastic, like......get a job!!  We'll see where the homecoming drama takes us.

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