Sunday, September 8, 2013

getting ready to head out

We all survived the first week of school.  It was nice to see the kids in the lunch line again and help the kindergartners adjust to eating lunch in the cafeteria.  But, after only a week, I guess it's time for a break and on Tuesday morning Angel #4, hubs and I are on our way to Florida for a working vacation.  Hubs has business meetings to go to and #4 and I have some sun soaking up to do.  I've been informed by #4 that we're also going to Harry Potter World to load up on butterbeer and beanies bots or whatever those things are called.  WE is staying home, he's got too much going his senior year to intentionally miss school.  I told him that I didn't know if we trusted him since last time we left him home alone, the garage blew over - it must have been one heck of a party!  On the flight home, hubs arranged it so we have a super long layover in Houston so we can spend some time with Angel #2.  She's excited to have us meet her boyfriend and I'm looking forward to meeting Amanda, who was her first roommate when she moved down there.  Amanda is one of my internet friends, we've know each other for probably 7 or 8 years but never meet in real life.  She opened her home to #2 when she moved down there and they became good friends.  Now, I finally get to see the woman for reals!  It should be a fun time.

Hubs just got in from Hawaii today, he'll be home just long enough to unpack, do a few things around the house, then pack up again for Tuesday.  That poor guy never to stay home.  I've got some things to do before leaving as well.  The garden is just about done, but there's a 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes waiting to get canned up.  There are probably some beans that need my attention as well.  I also have to make up a daily to-do list for WE.  My egg chickens are easy to take care of - let them out in the morning and at night feed them, lock them back up and collect the eggs.  The meat chickens are a little more high maintenance and at the moment they need feeding 2 or 3 times a day and their pen should get mucked out every couple days because they're disgusting.  WE really isn't going to be around enough to do all the feedings so I was a little concerned about what we're going to do.  But now hubs said he's going to make me a big feeder that can hold enough feed to keep the fat pigs happy for awhile. Also, our friend Nancy is here visiting from Pennsylvania.  She was going to go back home Tuesday, but threw out her back and isn't up to the drive.  So she might just stay here for the week and be around to take care of the critters during the day.  That should make Diesel doggy happy, because otherwise, he'd have to spend 10 hours a day in his pen and that would just make him sad.  He's used to having run of the house/yard all day.  It sure would be easier to travel if I didn't have stupid animals to worry about.

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