Monday, September 30, 2013

The crazy week is over

Homecoming is finally over and life can return to normal.  Angel #4 gave me a report on the Friday afternoon school pep assembly.  It starts out with all the percussionists in the band getting their drums and beating a (very loud) cadence through the halls of the school.  #4 is a drummer and she said it was so fun just giving it all on the drums in the halls right in the middle of a school day.  As they go past each of the classrooms, the kids in the class get up and out of the room and follow the drummers down the hall.  Once the drummers have covered every hall in the school, they head outside and lead a parade of all the kids down the street to the football field.

Each of the sports coaches announce the kids on the fall sports teams.  The cross country coach announced all the kids on the team except for WE, then he was on a roll.  He said that WE was the reason he was a coach, not only that, he was the reason he got up in the morning and brushed his teeth.  He went on and on, ridiculously praising WE until he had everyone in stitches.  The coach later told me he couldn't pass by such a great opportunity to embarrass WE, I told him WE does a great job of that all by himself.

Which brings us to the announcement of homecoming court.  They announced each couple, who then proceeded to walk arm-in-arm past the kids in the bleachers...until they got to WE and Katie, the girl he stood up with.  Instead of walking past the crowd, those two did cartwheels.  I didn't even know WE could do a cartwheel, but Angel #4 said he did better ones than Katie.  Afterwards, WE told me that he's famous for his cartwheels and gets frequent cartwheel requests at school.  My kid is so weird.

The football team won their game, the first homecoming game they've won in 4 years.  They've now clinched their spot in the playoffs, so I guess I'll be hauling Angel #4 home from football practice for awhile yet.  Afterwards there was a big bonfire for the kids out behind the football field.

The kids had a great time at the Homecoming dance with one glitch.  I guess I should have stuck to my gut instinct on the Homecoming dance issue.  I was coming down with a cold, it was pouring rain and I really wanted to just be in bed, but I ended up going to the dance around 10pm to do the mother/son dance thing.  First off, I was shocked at how many parents were there, probably almost as many parents as kids.  Not just parents of kids on the court either, but people whose kids were younger and just at the dance to have a good time.  Why on earth would grown adults spend their Saturday nights at a high school dance creeping on their kids?  Really people, you should get a life and let your kids have theirs.  I have no problem with people being involved in their kids lives, they should be.  But, there comes a time when you have to keep your nose out of things, you had your chance to dance at homecoming 30 years ago, now you need to let your kids do the same without you hovering over them.  Which brings me to the parent/senior dance.  After the crowning, the DJ announced that the seniors should go out on the floor and be joined by their parent for a special dance.  Boy, you want to see a bunch of pissed off kids!  First off, the parent who decided to start this new tradition didn't bother telling all the senior parents about it because they assumed that everyone would already be at the dance because they were as obsessed about their kids lives as they were.  Secondly, on homecoming court alone, there were two kids whose parents were dead, in WE's girlfriend's case, only about 2 months had passed.  She walked off the floor in tears.  Fortunately, the principal had already swooped in and started dancing with her and another teacher danced with the boy whose mother had died, but he spent the dance in tears as well.  I'm not sure about the other kids with parents who had died, I know of one other one in the senior class for sure.  It just seems pretty selfish to me that some mother who wanted to dance at her son's homecoming managed to put a huge dark blot on so many other peoples party.  I guess it's no wonder the kids leave the dance right after the crowning to go to the afterparties.  They do it just to get out from under their parents eagle eyes.  The afterparties are nice.  The tradition is that each grade has a party at some kids house, the parents open up their basement or rec room and then fade off.  They're around to make sure bad stuff like drinking doesn't happen, but don't interfere in any other way.  The kids spend the night, either all like puppies lying all over the floor, or the split up in boy/girl groups and one group goes to someone else's house for their sleepover.  They all come staggering home Sunday morning.

Here are my kids totally thrilled to get to pose together:

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Our babies are growing up! Nice picture,thanks for sharing.