Friday, September 27, 2013

wild and crazy girls night out

My friend Connie and I decided to go out tonight.  Wild women that we are, we first headed to the Amish school for the fundraising haystack supper and afterwards went to the homecoming game(we won 26-13, because I know you were dying to know).  We were told to be there early to see the introduction of the court before the game, since both our kids are on court.  Well, we were walking to the field from our cars when we heard them start announcing the court so we started running down the street, blowing past people standing in line waiting to get their hand stamped (fortunately, we're both school staff, so we don't have to pay to get into the games, or we probably would have gotten busted for not paying to get in).  We missed her daughter, but I got there just in time to hear WE's name get announced and see him and his partner, Katie walk across the field.  It was a little more low-key than the court announcement during the school pep assembly this afternoon, from what I heard.  That time, all the other court members nicely walked past the crowd of kids, until WE and Katie came through, instead of walking, those two did cartwheels past the crowd.  I wish I would have seen it since I didn't even know WE could DO a cartwheel.

Not that I do things at the last minute or anything, but after school today, I took Angel #4 out shopping for a dress for tomorrow nights homecoming dance.  I kept hoping she'd find someone to borrow from, since I really hate spending money on a dress she'll probably never wear again.  But, since she's shaped like Mae West, she kind of was popping out of everything she tried, so I figured I'd have to pony up the big bucks to get a decent dress on the kid that wasn't in danger of wardrobe malfunctioning.  Fortunately, our local thrift store has a fairly decent selection of semi-formal dresses and we found one that's absolutely gorgeous on her and as an added benefit, she'll be able to dance without fear of popping out of her dress.  I'll have to post some pictures when I'm at the dance tomorrow night.  Yeah, apparently, they're trying to get all the Senior parents out to the dance for the crowning.  I'm not too crazy about that idea, first off because I'm not the kind of parent who hangs out at school dances, secondly, the crowning is at 10pm and I was planning on being all comfy cozy in my jammies at that time, not standing around a dark sweaty smelling gym waiting for my chance to do the special parent/senior dance with a kid who would probably rather cut off his leg rather than dance with his mother.  So yeah, that's gonna be fun.

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