Friday, August 30, 2013

a little of this, a little of that

First off, I want to let out a little SQUEE because Captain Jack Harkness sent Jenny, the Bloggess, a picture of himself holding twine which may not mean anything to you, but if you love Dr Who and read The Bloggess, you would squee also.

Next, if it shows you my utter disregard to the Packers, Jeannie, not only did I not know they were playing the Seahawks last Friday, I also had no clue who won or lost until you commented on my post.

In other news that shows that though I may be apathetic about the Packers and spend my time watching BBC science fiction/fantasy shows, I am slowly embracing the 21st century, though it kind of feels like the embrace you got during your first dance with a boy in 7th grade as Spandau Ballet is echoing in your jr high school gym and you really wish you hadn't drank all the punch at the refreshment stand.  I've decided to stop hating my smartphone a little less and see what benefits it will bring to my life.  Yep, I've installed a personalized ringtone.  By saying I've installed, I mean I downloaded something on a freebie ringtone site, then couldn't figure out what to do to make it be a ringtone, so I had to have WE finish installing it for me.  BUT, I did manage to download it all by myself, so I think I should get a few points for that at least.  Now, when I get a text, my phone says in a happy, little voice "WOO HOO a text message!!".  Angel #4 told me that the voice is that of a minion, but I don't know what a minion is, but it must be something vaguely cool since a high school freshman recognized it as such.  I'm embracing the future, people!  But I still hate my phone and am looking forward to the day I can downgrade it to a simple, easy to use little flip phone.  They call it a flip phone because it's the only kind of phone I flippin' know how to use.

Hubs found some further damage caused by the storm a couple weeks ago.  We've got a cement silo and it had a small cement cover at the very top, about 2 feet in diameter and probably weighs over 100 lbs.  It has a lightning rod with a cable sticking out of it.  Well, last week, hubs went into the dog pen for something and found that cover thingy lying in the pen.  The wind must have channeled up the silo from the bottom enough to push up the cover so the wind could catch it and throw it about 40 feet.  There aren't any dents on the barn roof indicating that it simply toppled over and rolled down the roof, it appears to have shot right up and landed on the ground.  The lightning rod is still attached.

Tuesday morning marked the beginning of teacher inservice for the school year.  To kick things off, there's a staff meeting with a few introductions and speakers.  This year we're getting both a new elementary/middle school principal and a new superintendent, so they were both introduced to the staff.  The meeting was opened up by a speech from a member of the school board, and then hubs was asked to speak as a representative of the general population.  He was picked because he gave a presentation last spring in a business class and really made an impact and the high school principal wanted him to tell the staff the story of how we decided to move to our town when we moved here from Hawaii.  We picked our home based on information we found online about the quality of the local schools, mostly a site called  Our school district was high on the list of good area school districts and that, as well as the fact that our town is within easy driving distance of 2 airports, helped us make our decision to move here.  Anyway, since we moved here 3 years ago, the district has only gotten better and we're now on the list of the top 25 districts in the entire state of Wisconsin.  So anyway, hubs gave a speech telling our story of moving here, our search for a good school for our kids and how they've exceeded our expectations since we've been here.  He also threw in a dose of humor and inspiration.  Last night I went to a back to school faculty picnic and I don't know how many people told me what a great job hubs did.  A lot of people had no idea how well we rated in the state, they knew we were a good district, but were really pumped up to see just how good we really were, they all had way too much fun going onto schooldigger after the meeting and comparing us with other area districts.  I'm pretty proud of my husband, he was certainly the hit of the teacher inservice meeting and if people didn't know him before, they sure do now.

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