Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's August, how did that happen?

Thank goodness the cold wave didn't last long.  We only ran the furnace for a couple hours, just enough to take the chill off.  Things have been in the 70's ever since, comfortable, but we usually close the windows at night as it still gets a little chilly.  This summer was a rip-off.

Not only that, it's about 2/3s over already.  The kids start school and me, work, a month from today.  I had to go in to work one day last week and get the lunch menu together for the first month of school.  We're celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day with spARGHetti and walk the plank garlic bread.  The school district just might regret the day they hired a crazy woman to do admin for the lunch program.  :)

Angel #1 turned 21 a couple days ago.  I can't believe I've got a kid who's legal drinking age, not that it's doing much good.  He spent his birthday on a troop transport ship somewhere in the Pacific ocean and won't get back to dry land until this Thursday.  WE's flying out there on Friday to spend a few days with his big bro before he gets sent out on his big deployment, which I think happens August 20, but he didn't know for sure.  He also doesn't know how long he'll be deployed, anywhere from 7-10 months, which is a pretty broad window, if you ask me.  He's going out onto the ship again for the deployment, I'm not sure exactly what he'll be doing and don't really want to know.  I prefer to think he'll just be hanging out on the Lido deck, sipping mai-tais with Gopher and Captain Stuebing.  Just call me Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.

We're heading out to camp next week.  It's our yearly pilgrimage to Keller Lake, a day camp for the mentally handicapped.  Except for the years we missed when we were in Hawaii, we've gone every year since '01.  WE has decided he doesn't want to go, so he's staying home, which isn't such a bad thing.  I've got 40 baby chicks getting delivered on Tuesday, so he'll be around to pick them up and take care of them.  He'll also be around for all those fun chores like potato bug squishing and stuff like that.  We tried to get rid of Tuna Catteroles kittens before we left, but had kind of a time crunch.  They just turned 8 weeks yesterday and we didn't want to take them away from Tuna before that.  I put an ad on Craigslist and had a couple calls.  We got rid of Weasely (he's a ginger) but he might becoming back.  Apparently, the people who took him were under the impression that as soon as they dumped him in their house, he and their dog were going to be BFFs and when they weren't, they called us and said they'd have to return him.  Yeah, they gave it a whole 8 hours.  Angel #4 tried to explain to them that it would take a little while, but I guess waiting an entire week for a new pet to get accustomed to your home was waaaay longer than they could handle.  The haven't shown up yet, so maybe they decided to keep him after all.  I almost wish they'd bring him back, they seem to be too big of morons to responsibly take care of pets.  It should have been a big clue when they showed up driving a smart car. Have you ever noticed that many of the people who drive smart cars...aren't?  Poor Tuna was really missing Weasely last night.  Angel #4 said she was sitting outside her window meowing half the night.  We'd brought all 4 kittens into the house so the guy could see them all, and then only 3 made it back to the barn, I think Tuna thinks we just forgot to take Weasely back out to the barn after house playtime was over.  I wish you could explain things to animals.

So, at the moment, we've still got three kittens left waiting for homes.  I'm taking the ad down tomorrow since we're not going to be home to deal with things.  WE probably could, but I'm already pushing my luck having him chicken sit. If you're looking for a kitten, we've still got Charlie (he bit someones finger) and Not Charlie (who looks like Charlie, but he isn't).  They're both tabbies.  We've also got a little grey girl, Banacatalotta (a distortion of the name of a character on Dr. Who).  But, we're planning on keeping one and Angel #4 really wants to keep Bana, so we'll see what happens.  If we can't get rid of Charlie or Not Charlie, but can find a home for Bana, she's going to have to go.  We really don't need more than 2 barn cats.  Tanya, we'll be out in your direction next week and we would deliver.  You interested??????

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