Saturday, August 24, 2013

we nipped that problem in the bud

Tuna Catterole went to the vet to get fixed yesterday, so hopefully we won't have the kitten problem anymore...except the one kitten we ended up keeping is a female so we've got to remember to get her fixed in the next month or so, or we'll we right back at square one.

We also did some school shopping when we went back to town to pick up Tuna. We were listening to the radio and the song, Maggie May came on.  Angel #4 sat quietly in the back seat listening, and when the song was over said, you know, if you had to name me after a song, why couldn't you named me after someone nicer than Maggie May?  So I asked who she'd rather be named after and her response was "Lola".  Apparently she'd rather be named after a transvestite than a cougar.  Go figger

First football game of the year last night.  It was non-conference, but still quite a few people showed up, which just shows the power of high school football, especially since there was a severe conflict of interest going on, the Packers game started at the same time as the high school game.  A lot of people were watching the high school game, but had an ear bud in one ear, keeping track of the Pack as well, and the guys in the booth were giving updates on the Packer game during our game.  I personally, don't give a rats patootie about the Packers, but I'm definitely in the minority here in Wisconsin.

And Tanya, even though I'm skinny, I'm definitely not in shape.

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Jeanie_C said...

I cared about the Packers game. I cared that the Seahawks beat them again. Usually I don't care much about preseason, but that was one I really wanted the Seahawks to win.