Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's been awhile....again

Things have been busy around here and every time I think about writing a new blog post, I realize that I have to be someplace in 10 minutes, so put it off for another day.

Hubs has been on a bike riding frenzy this summer.  The other morning, he put 24 miles on, then that night wanted me to go on another ride with him.  So far I've managed to avoid going farther than 10 miles at a time, but he keeps trying.  He claims he's trying to get me healthier and in better shape so I live longer and I told him that if I live to be 96 that will totally mess up his plans of getting himself a busty Asian beauty for his second wife.  I'm trying to help him here, yet he just ignores me and continues to make me go on bike rides.  Monday we were riding uphill against the wind and I was complaining about it - it's great resistance training, he claimed.  I told  him that I'd been resisting this training for months now.  I'm only planning on living until I'm 75 or 80, so if I live to see 100, I'm totally blaming him.

The insurance guy was out here checking out the storm damage.  It sounds like we're getting a new roof on our house taken care of, which is great news since we were planning on putting on a new roof anyway.  The barn might be a little trickier, since the closer he looked, the more damage he found.  It would probably cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage, but the barn is already 100 years old, so I don't really know what they're going to suggest we do.  The garage was uninsurable, so we're not getting squat for that.  Upon looking closer at it, we discovered that it wasn't anchored to the cement slab in anyway, just sitting on top of it, like a kids Lincoln Log house.  It's a miracle it didn't blow over years ago.  We stored our recyclable stuff in there and I'm still finding pop cans and plastic milk cartons lying around the yard.

We finally got the 40 baby chickens out of our bathtub on Monday.  Two weeks of their stinky, noisy mess was enough.  It's finally warmed up enough that we felt safe keeping them in the barn instead of the warmth of the bathroom.  Things are hot out today, but overall, it's been a horribly cold August..and July...and June.  Winter better come late this year, is all I can say.

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Tanya T said...

Like you are so out of shape?! Lol