Friday, June 1, 2012

shiney teeth

Angel #4 and I got our teeth cleaned today.  Sadly enough, that was the highlight of my day.

Afterwards we went to Goodwill and while we were standing in the check-out line, there was a lady in the line next to ours trying to check out.  They had to call the manager in because all the items she was buying were mistagged.  Amazingly enough, everything she bought had a blue 50% off tag on it, yet they were tagged differently than how the store usually does it, and I overheard the manager tell her that she remembered just putting those clothes on the rack that morning with a full price purple tag.  Really lady?  You're trying to rip-off Goodwill????  How pathetic is that?  Ironically enough, I saw her earlier in the store putting wall plaques with Bible verses on them in her cart.  Maybe she should have read a few of them before hitting the checkout line.  You know, like Thou Shalt Not Steal??

Something got into our chicken coop again Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  Out of the original 9 baby chicks I hatched out in March, there are only 2 left, and one of them is the chick I put in a separate pen in the barn because it's got a bad leg and the other ones were picking on it.  I didn't expect it to live long, yet it's outlasted most of its nest mates.  I fail at chicken motherhood.  Whatever got in managed to climb the fence and go around the top netting I put up, all that was left of one chicken was some feathers and the other two were lying side-by-side, deader than dirt.  The survivor had got out of the pen and was running around loose outside.  We put out a live trap and caught a cat, who may or may not be the murderer, but since there's not a lot we can do about the neighbors cat, we just let it go and hope that if it's guilty, it's learned its lesson and won't ever go chicken hunting again.

Hubs and WE are out of town on a job tonight and won't be back until tomorrow.  Angel #4 is at a sleepover and Angel #2 won't be home from work until tomorrow afternoon, so I'm home all alone tonight.  Well, not ALL alone, since I've still got all the critters running around here and it smells like Diesel rolled in something nasty, so my quiet time at home will be spend giving a dog bath.  Not exactly how I planned on spending my evening, but life's what it is.  I also picked up a couple of John Cusack movies at the library yesterday, so I might spend a little time with him tonight.  Serendipity or America's Sweethearts?  Oh the choices I have to make.

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