Saturday, June 16, 2012

Deer with a death wish

WE is outside in the backyard shooting at a target with a .22.  He come in with a frustrated look on his face.  As he's shooting at the target, a deer wanders out of the woods and stands right in line with the target.  WE doesn't want to shoot on the off chance that he'd hit the stupid deer.  It stood there for about a minute before it decided there was nothing to see and walked off back into the woods.  We've got a lot of deer around here this summer.  Hubs and I go on a walk just about every night and we always see at least a deer or two munching in a field or standing alongside the road.  Last night it was a doe with a couple of fawns and it was so cute watching their little white tails go bounding through the tall grass and into the trees.  We fenced off the entire garden a couple days ago, so I shouldn't have to worry about them using the garden as a salad bar.

We finally got some rain today.  I looked it up in my past posts and saw that we haven't had any rain since May 25.  Everything has been really dry and nasty and I've had to keep the sprinkler running on the garden to keep it green.  I hate messing with sprinklers.  I've also had to run around with buckets to water the lilac bushes and other things I planted this spring to keep them alive as well.  I think one of the lilacs is dead, but everything else seems to be surviving.  Problem is, now that it's rained, the mosquitoes will be out in full force.  Oh well, it's always something.

Our neighbors gave us a bucket of strawberries from their garden the other day and they are soooo sweet and tasty.  I had some with a bowl of ice cream the Thursday night and I think I hear the ice cream bucket beckoning to me again tonight.

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