Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On Sunday I:
spent about 5 hours on the road (about 3 of them w/me driving)
went to a parade
went to a band concert
spent 2 hours in church at 2 different times in 2 different places
and watched horse pulling 

It was kind of busy.  It was the weekend of our town's Fireman's Picnic, so the whole weekend had stuff going on in town.  I skipped most of it, though we did make a point of heading in on Friday night for the perch dinners they were selling in the stands.  Friday night was also the night the local high school garage band delivered the entertainment for the picnic.  They were even selling tour tee-shirts with a list of their tour dates on the back, they're playing in exciting venues like "John's Graduation" and "Statler's Testicle Toss".  The "John" in John's Graduation is the lead singer, Statler's is a local bar and a testicle toss is a yard game involving 2 balls connected with a rope and a pvc goal post type thingy - we get our entertainment where we can out here in the sticks. 

Anyway, the kids all had fun at the picnic but hubs and I were kind of meh about it.  There's not a whole lot to do there, only about 3 or 4 locally run carnival type games, food and beer tents and music.  The baseball games on Friday night were rained out, Sat and Sun was volleyball tournaments and horse pulling.  So basically, everyone just stands around gabbing.  This is fine if you know a lot of people in town, but hubs and I tend to stay close to home, so we don't know many people.  Angel #2 enjoyed seeing people she went to high school with and of course, WE and #4 had friends all over the place.  Angel #4 played cymbals in the parade on Sunday morning.  It was kind of a mad dash, since church is over around 11 o'clock and the parade started at 11:30, it's about a 25 minute drive from church to town, so we all changed out of our church clothes as we were racing down the highway trying to get her to the parade on time (she made it in plenty of time).  The parade route is short, only about 5 or 6 blocks, so when you buy a big bag of candy to toss from your float, you've got to be really generous or you're going to end up with a whole lotta candy at the end of the parade.  We got a whole lot just sitting on curb and letting it come to us, we also got Popsicles, which were pretty tasty after we'd been sitting in the hot sun.  A couple floats were even throwing out stuffed animals - WE got one thrown to him from the high school wrestling float (they also tried to pelt him with a water balloon), he gave his stuffed raccoon to our dog, who promptly disemboweled it and now there's raccoon stuffing all over the living room.

I went to the post office yesterday and there was a card in our box saying I had a package.  I went to the deck and handed in the card and the post office lady hauls out this huge military duffel bag.  I'm not sure what's in it or why Angel #1 sent it here, but now there's a big old bag sitting in the living room next to the raccoon stuffing.  He comes home in 2 1/2 weeks, so I guess he'll deal with it then.  Oh, btw, he called last week, he's now back safely in the US.  YAY!!  He's buying a car this week while he's out in California, so now he'll  be driving regularly in San Diego traffic, so I don't know how safe he really is.  :p

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JeanieC said...

Glad to hear your oldest is back in the states safely, DD. I've been keeping him in my thoughts.