Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's a hearse in my yard

Angel #2 is home now and she brought her friend, Hearse Boy, along with her.  She came in the car she uses at work, a really nice one, and he came in a 1968 hearse.  He looks exactly like you'd imagine a 19 year old boy who drives a hearse would look like, long black hair, lip ring and a black tee-shirt that states that: A hearse is a great way to pick up chicks...dead ones.  Overall though, he seems like a really nice, polite kid.  At the moment, Angels #2 & 4 are with him in the hearse eating snacks and playing cards at the table bolted to the hearse's cargo bay.  It's a regular party wagon, I'm telling you.

Angel #2 will be here until Wednesday.  She wanted to stay over until at least Tuesday so she'd be around to vote on our huge gubernatorial recall election and since she's planning on voting the same way as the people she works for, they were more than happy to give her the chance to take part in the election.  I'm going to make sure my vote gets in as well.  But more than anything, it'll be nice to have it all over with so I can be done with the millions of campaign calls coming in every day.  I'm sure they'll start all over again with the presidential election, Wisconsin is a pretty pivotal state, but it'll be nice to have a little break from the robo-calls.

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JeanieC said...

Do you really think if your daughter wasn't going to vote the same way as her employer, they'd tell her no, she couldn't stay and vote? Yikes!