Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whew, that's over with

Well, the voting is done, the results are in and (hopefully) the robo-calls will stop.  Jeanie, Wisconsin politics have been very inflammatory, pitting family members against each other and neighbor against neighbor.  In order to get here to vote, Angel #2 needed pretty much the whole day off work and the use of their vehicle, so her employers could have easily said that they needed her to be there rather than give her a 4 day weekend so she could vote.  Now that she's registered though, voting by absentee ballot will be much easier.  Things have gotten pretty vicious over here and now that it's over, I hope everyone can get past the arguments and pull together to keep our state great.

In local news (local meaning my backyard) Angel #4's party went well.  The weather was beautiful, the moon shone brightly, so we didn't have to worry about our lack of a porch light leading to some kids falling over the cellar doors or running into the side of the house.  There weren't quite as many kids here as she was expecting, but it was still a good turnout.  We ended up with 3 girls spending the night and staying up giggling until after 2am. 

After voting, Angel #2 and I headed to town to pick up some library books she wanted, then we went to Walmart where I taught her how to look through the pattern books, look up patterns by number and how to read the back so she knows how much material and what kind of notions she'll need.  She picked up a couple of easy to sew patterns and is planning on appealing to Rent-a-Grandma to teach her how to sew since she's sure not going to learn from me.  Hopefully, some time in the next month or so, she can spend the weekend with grandma and learn a skill and get a new dress or skirt out of the deal.

I discovered that I make really really hot gravy.  Tonight at supper, I was dumping some ham gravy on my mashed potatoes and some spilled off the edge of my plate onto my bare thigh (the hazards of wearing shorts).  I yelped and wiped it off right away, but it was too late, I've got a big blistery burn mark on my leg and boy howdy, does it hurt!  Ironically, today when we were at Walmart, we passed a display of sunburn lotions, I picked one up and was going to buy it, but put it back down when I saw it wasn't pure aloe vera.  I was going to look for some pure stuff in the pharmacy, but then forgot.  It sure would have been handy to have tonight.

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Tanya T said...

I agree, the election stuff has gotten really nasty. I'm so glad it's over with!
Our neighbor gave us the cold shoulder for awhile because we had different opinions.