Saturday, April 5, 2014

Prom Night

We're getting ready for prom here today.  By getting ready for prom, I mean we went to the grocery store and stocked up on junk food, because guess who's got the after prom party at her house?  I'm not sure how many kids are going to be here, but I'll certainly be able to feed them.  Angel #4 and her friend came along to the grocery store and picked up a few additional "necessities", like old maid cards, balloons and glow in the dark silly putty.  I'm not sure what the old maid cards or balloons are for, but they're planning on sticking the silly putty on their teeth so their mouths glow in the dark when they smile at the dance.  Oh, the glamour of prom!!  I bought a few "necessities" of my own, like a bottle of wine.  If I'm going to have a bunch of freshman girls giggling and glowing in the dark in my living room all night, I'm going to need something to get me through it.

I'm just glad we're all healthy.  Both WE and Angel #4 stayed home from school 2 days this week with a really nasty stomach bug, then WE's girlfriend got it Thursday. We were at a Marine family function and the poor girl spent the whole time throwing up in the bathroom at the Reserves building.  Not fun.  I'm just afraid that I'm going to get it.

Last night was the first fish boil of spring.  I met my friend Sarah at the boil at 5:30 and we got to talking.  I ended up getting home at 9, we hadn't moved from our chairs that entire time and I came home with a sore throat from talking so much.  Good times and great food.

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Tanya T said...

Prom is April 26th here. The female child wants to attend since she is a Senior and it's her last chance. Bought her a brand new ball gown that was a shock to my normally frugal wallet.It was hard to say no,when I found out she asked a Freshman boy to escort her because she found out he was the target of bullies and she wanted to boost his confidence. I figured her kind heart needed to be rewarded.