Sunday, March 30, 2014

what a weekend!

It was a busy, but wonderful weekend.  Hubs dad came over Friday night and we went to a fish fry before going to watch WE & co in their senior class play.  After their disastrous dress rehearsal on Wednesday, I felt it was only fair to warn the poor man that he should not be expecting Broadway quality work by any means, but we were all pleasantly surprised by the play.  Since things were such a mess on Wednesday, the kids really stepped up to the plate to pull the show together - I guess they realized they would look like utter idiots if they didn't at least have some of their lines memorized.  They did an awesome job and had the audience laughing both at the play itself and the kid's screw-ups onstage.  They had a great first performance, though there were a whole lot of lines skipped, which made the storyline a little bit confusing to the audience, but we all just rolled with it.  Then came Saturday nights performance and the kids really cut loose.  Rent-a-Grandma came and watched that one with us.  I'm so glad we went to both performances, Friday the kids stuck as close to the script as they were able (which was challenging since they hadn't memorized the script real well), but Saturday night they decided to play a bit.  Because we had seen how the whole thing was supposed to go on Friday, when they added new things on Saturday, we were really laughing, which I'm sure confused those who hadn't seen the first performance, since though what was going on onstage was funny, it certainly wasn't snort-inducing, unless you knew the kids were totally ad-libbing at spots to compensate for their personalized script adjustments. They had kids wandering into scenes that weren't supposed to be there, saying random lines, kids eating the food props onstage and all kinds of crazy stuff that sent the actors into onstage giggle fits.  There were a few unintended guffaws as well when WE's hat got tangled up in the fishing line strung across the stage to support some of the props, he was stuck there until someone got him untangled. WE also manged to accidentally kick a telephone offstage when he jumped up on a table.  It was pretty funny and everyone had a great time.  But, after having the play consume a good chunk of his life in the last 3 weeks I think WE's pretty glad it's all over.

Saturday was also music solo & ensemble.  Angel #4 sang a trio with 2 of her friends and got a '1', which is the highest score you can get.  It was a Class B song though, so it didn't qualify them to perform at the state level.  However, she also had a solo that she sang beautifully, a Class A, which she also got a '1' on which DOES qualify her for state, so she'll be singing again next month at the next level.  We're so proud of her, she's got such an incredible voice.  I'm not sure who she gets it from because neither hubs or I can sing a decent sounding note, as a matter of face, she herself, pretty much had a tin ear when she was little and could massacre a song along with the best of them.  She sure can raise the roof now though. She's got a really strong voice that tends to overpower anyone she sings with, but there's one boy in school who also had a big voice and I think it would be so awesome for the two of them to get together and really blow the walls down.  Maybe next year.  I'd also like to see her compete at musical theater, which is singing a song from a musical and adding appropriate movement along with it.  Since she's only a freshmen, she's got 3 more years of opportunity to do so many interesting things with her singing, I can't wait to see where she goes with it.  She was one of only 2 freshmen in our school who qualified to compete at state, the rest were juniors and seniors.  The other was Noah, a drummer who can really get things rolling.  He was a little concerned about how his performance was going to be on Saturday since he'd practiced so hard in the days leading up to Solo/ensemble that he literally got blisters on his fingers from holding the drumsticks, but he managed to work through the uncomfortableness and showed those judges how a wield a pair of drumsticks.

I was so proud of both of my talented kids this weekend.

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