Monday, March 10, 2014


It got almost up to 50 degrees today, the ice is almost all melted off the driveway and track practice started.  I am tentatively calling this the beginning of spring.  After work I went outside and chopped ice in the driveway just so I had a reason to go outside and enjoy the sun and warmth.  It's been a cold miserable winter and I'll be more than happy to see it go away.  Of course, this is only temporary, we've got an expected high of 20 degrees on Wednesday and the track team didn't actually get to practice on the track since it's still covered in snow, but I can hope.

Talk about track, WE came home very excited on Friday.  He's been named co-captain of the track team and he's pretty happy about it.  Last year the coach didn't name a captain until the awards ceremony at the end of the season, which made no sense at all, and then he named a sophomore captain, which made even less sense.  I'm glad he realized that they really need a captain at the beginning of the season to help mentor the younger kids.  This is WE's 4th year in track and he's more than ready to take on the role as captain, especially since he's experienced after being the captain of the cross country team this fall.  As if that isn't enough on his plate, yesterday, the director of the senior class play stopped by to tell him that the lead of the play had to drop out due to family issues and she was wondering if he'd take over as lead.  He's not really too keen on the idea, he previously has a small part and was perfectly happy with that, but he didn't want to let the other kids down....and it didn't help that the director is also his girlfriend's mom and he really didn't want to get on her bad side either.  Not that she would hold it against him, she knows how busy he is, but, like I told him, she wouldn't have asked you if she didn't think you could handle it.  So now he's got to learn all the lines for the lead character...oh, did I tell you the play is in 2 1/2 weeks?  This should be interesting.

Angel #4 is also in track again this year.  Middle school track isn't quite a big deal, but now that she's in high school track, she's going to be expected to put some effort into things.  She's a thrower, which means that she won't have to do as much running as some of the kids, but it's still more exercise than she's used to.  But she needs something to keep her busy and she's got a pretty good arm.  I'm getting myself into a track frame of mind so I'm ready for the first meet.  In the past, our school has only participated in one freshman/sophomore meet, but we've got a good size number of freshmen going out this year, so there are 3 f/s meets on the roster as well as 3 home meets.  Looks like I'm going to have a busy spring, I just hope the weather cooperates.  In case it doesn't, I signed up to help sell concessions, I've learned that it's a whole heck of a lot warmer hanging out in the concession stand than it is in the bleachers.  That's the kind of things you pick up on when you're an experienced track mom.

It's become obvious to me that some kids just aren't too bright.  WE and his 3 buddies, the guys who turned the computer lab into a disco a couple weeks ago, are still at it.  Today, they were placing bets on who could drink half a cup of melted butter the fastest.  WE also was going to down a raw egg, but for some reason, the teacher kept hanging around their cooking station...I can't imagine why.  I guess she's realized that sometimes senior boys need more supervision than pre-schoolers.

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