Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snakes(?) on a plane???

So, this morning, wonderful wife that I am, I set my alarm for 3:30am and drove over snow covered, unplowed roads to get my husband to the airport so he can spend the next 2+ weeks in Hawaii.  Apparently, I'll do anything to get the whole bed to myself.  I shoveled some of the driveway before I headed off to work and really started wondering why in the heck I wasn't on the plane with him.  After this miserable winter, I've decided that we're definitely going to start living somewhere warmer in the winter after Angel #4 graduates from high school.  The problem is, I really like my house, my yard and garden, my chickens, my job and friends I have here.  I wish I could pick up the whole thing and just move it all to someplace warmer.

Hubs trip isn't all warmth and alohas though.  He just called from San Francisco, his final flight has been delayed.  A container of bees was being shipped from wherever the plane originated from, the container     tipped over and the whole cargo hold was full of bees.  They were waiting for a beekeeper to arrive to round up the bees so they could load up the passengers and get them all to Honolulu.  Hubs does get his share of weird travel stories.

My children are bound and determined to drive  me nuts.  All day Sunday, WE and Angel #4 were singing the "Do you Want to Build a Snowman?" song from the movie Frozen.  All.  Day.  WE would be up in his room and sing the first line really loudly, then #4 would respond from the kitchen with the next line and they'd go back and forth, some times they'd just sing it together.  All.  Day.   Then WE's girlfriend came over and she started doing it too.  And NO, I do NOT want to build a snowman.

Not only do I get abused at home, I get picked on at work as well.  I get free lunch at work, I keep containers at work and just put my lunch in one and take it home to eat since I'm done with work an hour before the rest of my co-workers and would have to eat by myself if I didn't.  Lately, I've just given one of my containers to Kay, one of my co-workers, who then makes a habit of waaaay overfilling my container.  It's usually so full I can't put the cover on my container.  Today, we had nachos supreme on the menu and also macaroni and cheese on the side for a 2nd option.  I gave Kay my container and asked her to give me some nachos and NO mac & cheese.  The common feeling among we lunch ladies is that the school mac & cheese is disgusting, but the kids like it, so we continue to make it.  So I grab my full container of food and head home.  It didn't take long to realize that Kay had put tortilla chips on the bottom, covered them with mac & cheese, then covered that with hamburger & cheese sauce so I didn't see the macaroni.  Macaroni and cheese nachos are gross, in case you wanted to know.  I will seek my revenge on Kay when she least expects it.  bwa-ha-ha

Tanya, yes, the general consensus is the the school librarian is wound  a little too tightly.  I'm guessing the foods teacher felt she shouldn't have to supervise four seventeen year old boys in the computer lab, but I'm guessing she never imagined they'd turn the computer lab into a disco. She told the boys that once they're allowed back on the computers they can use them for recipe searching only.  The fact that she's letting them all go back there again tells me that she wasn't too worked up over the whole thing.

This weekend was the state wrestling tournament.  Three of our wrestlers qualified, one of the boys didn't place at all, our heavyweight took a fourth and the third took first in the 170 weight class.  Yay Grant!!  We like to take a little bit of credit for Grant's great season since he was one of the boys who helped dig out the crawlspace in our basement this summer.  All that hauling of dirt up the cellar stairs bulked him right up so he could overpower the competition!

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