Saturday, March 22, 2014

Volley ball and ghost stories

Last night, WE played in a blind man's volley ball tournament.  It's volleyball with a few tweaks, like the net is set really high and is covered with a tarp so you can't see what the other team is doing.  Also, in this case, all the players were required to wear mittens.  The kids had a great time and took 2nd place, the prize being a bunch of pizzas, which they demolished right after the tournament was over.  Afterwards, they sat around and told ghost stories.  According to WE, his buddy Mitch, does a lot of camping, so knows a lot of ghost stories and he's really good at telling them.  So good, in fact, that when it was time to go home, no one wanted to be the only car on the road and run the risk of running into the faceless boy who haunts Round Lake Road or any of the other local spooks Mitch told them about.  So, the kids drove around in a caravan, going from house to house dropping off their friends.  Someone eventually had to drive home by themselves, I'm guessing it was Mitch since it was his stories that freaked everyone out in the first place.  Those kids are so stinking funny.

Angel #4 went to an overnight FFA event this weekend.  I'm not sure what she did there, but any event where you can spend the night in a hotel with a bunch of your friends is bound to be a good time.

Hubs just got back from San Antonio, TX, where he participated in the World Series of Comedy.  Angel #2 drove out there to hang out with him, but that didn't last long.  She was helping out in the comedy club where the event was taking place and met a few of the comics and it didn't take long for her to ditch her dad and go hang out with the younger, better looking (in her opinion) comics.  One of the guys made it to the finals and tonight will be competing for the chance to go on to Las Vegas.  So not only is he younger and better looking, but he's also funnier than hubs.  Her dear old dad didn't stand a chance against competition like that.

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