Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yep, they're nuts, but it's for a good cause

Home track meet tonight.  The kids both did great, Angel #4 PR'd (personal record) in both the shot and the discus and WE PR's in the long jump and took a first in the 400 meter dash.  It was about 45 degrees out, okay for running, but it sucks for spectating.  I volunteered for working concessions, so at least I got to hang out in a building between the kids events, but that wind was the pits.  After freezing at the meet, the kids came home and found a new way to freeze.  The latest thing around here is a fundraising project for a little local boy who's suffering from cancer.  Someone nominates you to jump into a random body of water, when you jump in, you film yourself, post it on facebook along with a link to the fundraiser page, then you nominate someone else to do the same. You've got 24 hours after nomination to jump in.  So, after the track meet, WE, his girlfriend and Angel #4, who'd all just been nomiated recently, went to the lake next door and jumped in.  WE was happy to have a few firsts in their jump, theirs was the first recorded night jump that they've seen and he also jazzed it up by doing a backflip into the water...twice, because he was nominated twice in the same day.  If you feel the desire to donate, here's Eli's link.

Today is the last day of spring break.  We had half a day of school on Thursday, now, tomorrow, we go back.  It's been a nice little break, especially with the beautiful warm day we had yesterday.  We only had a single day of 60 degree + weather, but more is coming...I hope.  I went to our vendor's food show for work today.  How awesome is it just wandering up and down the aisles at the expo place while people keep pushing food at you?  I had prime rib, lobster bisque, steak, ham, juices, veggies and even a delicious lump of deep fried cookie dough, I also brought home a bunch of free samples, so I'm good in the snack department for a couple days, too.  Since it was a show for all our vendors customers, restaurants and cafes and not just schools, there was actually really good tasting food there too, not just Michelle Obama approved tasteless school food.  So even though I got to eat all kinds of good stuff, a lot of it will never make it to our lunch menu, poor kids, it's still chicken nuggets and carrot sticks for them.

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