Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I forgot to post a prom pic of Angel #4, looking like Mae West in her orange dress.  Along with her boyfriend is also her bestie, Jess, who tends to spend a lot of time in our bathroom with #4 doing whatever teenage girls do in the bathroom for hours on end.  Poor Jess has been going with the same boy for 1 1/2 years now, but since he's a year younger than she is and therefore, still in middle school, he's not allowed to go to the high school dances, so she's been going stag this year.  I'm sure she'll be happy next year when Devin can join in on all the high school stuff.

I had a great day at work today.  After talking to rent-a-grandma about what they're serving for lunch at the school where she volunteers at, I thought we'd give fresh cucumbers a try at our school.  I made happy little signs to put up along the lunch line announcing the addition of fresh cukes to the salad bar.  While I was putting up the sign, a first grader asked me what it said and I read it to the kids in line.  She said she didn't like cucumbers and told her she should give them another try because they were like deliciousness exploding in your mouth.  One little boy asked Really?  and I said YES!  And a whole bunch of kids started cheering.  I made first grade cheer for cucumbers, people.  My job as a lunch lady is complete.  Later on, I saw a boy who'd already gone through the line come back to the sign dragging another boy along with him.  Boy #1 pointed to the sign and said, "See, I told you they were there, but I got the last ones, HAH!"  Who would have thought cucumbers would create such a stir.

Another of my jobs when I'm punching kids (that's what I call it when I punch their lunch numbers into the computer) is that I keep a running list of kids who run out of money in their account and hand it over to the secretary so she can call parents and shake them down for some lunch money.  Usually I just write down the kids name then put a dollar sign behind it.  But today, the very first kid in line was in the hole for lunch money and he knew it before I even put in his number - he'd forgot to tell his mom to send money.  So, on my list instead of the usual, I wrote down "Josh Everts is evil", then I tacked "and he also needs lunch money" onto the end.  He saw what I wrote and showed his friends my list.  Next thing I knew, all the kids in line wanted me to write on my list that they were evil, too.  Some days I really don't understand 4th graders.

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Tanya T said...

Beautiful! I think the orange looks great on her. I can't believe how fast our kids are growing up! I can't still remember your #1 and my #1 chasing chickens out at your place on Spring Creek Road!