Monday, April 14, 2014

April showers?

Wow Tanya, that is such a cool story.  Sounds like you raised that kid right!  I hope she has a great time at prom.  I gave Angel #4 a $50 limit on her prom dress, she ended up finding a sale & a coupon and got a $100 dress for $50.38...I told her I'd take the additional 38 cents out of her college fund.  :p  My kids both had a great time and the after prom party here was relatively quiet.  At least, I assume it was, I fell right to sleep.  My friend Connie wasn't quite so fortunate.  She had a senior after prom party at her house which apparently included a kid playing the piano and having a sing-along as well as another kid playing the guitar and improvising a song including all the goofy stories and embarrassing things that happened to this years senior class.  WE said it was the most fun he'd ever had at an after dance party.  Connie on the other hand, was a bit cranky on Sunday due to lack of sleep.

Friday was the 2nd comedy/dinner show hubs organized.  It went over great. The first half featured 3 stand-up comedians and the 2nd half was improv.  What a hoot.  The meal was great and my darling husband got a room of 40 strangers to sing happy birthday to me.  My birthday was Saturday instead of  Friday, but I guess that was close enough to totally embarrass your wife.

Today was another of those parental milestones.  I took Angel #4 to the DMV and she's now got her temps.  When she begged to go out driving afterwards, I convinced her to ask her dad to take her out.  I'll go shopping, buy clothes, run errands, but when it comes to teaching kids to drive, that's firmly on hubs list of things to do.  I tend to dig my fingernails into the dash and scream a lot, he keeps his cool pretty good.  He said #4 did a great job.  They went cruising around the neighborhood checking out all the flooding.  We had a LOT of rain this weekend and boy, do we have the standing water.  The street that connects the 2 schools in town is completely under water in some spots, the water jumped the curb on both sides and was just about going over the sidewalk.  Tomorrows track meet is cancelled, apparently there isn't enough money in the school budget to provide the whole track team with scuba gear. Oh, and it also snowed, so in addition to most places being flooded, all the dry land is covered in snow.  Summer can't come to soon.  I even ordered seeds today.  I'm hoping that if I do spring like things, eventually spring will happen.

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