Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's cold

It's cold today and going to be even colder tomorrow. I think tomorrow's high temp is 4. Yeah, just '4'. Of course, the wind chill is supposed to be -30, which adds a few new numbers in the mix, but I'm not a big fan of temperature numbers that have a minus sign in front of them. I think I'll just stay in the house.

Angel #2 had a chance to use her Spanish speaking skills yesterday at work. She's always trying to learn new Spanish phrases. When a customer came in and said "no speak English", her mind when blank and the only word she could remember was 'si'. Ironically, she starting Spanish class in school today. She's now on a mission to learn how to say all the pizza toppings in Spanish so she'll be ready next time Francisco gets the munchies. She was also pretty upset about something else. She takes great pride in her work and, in her words, tries to make 'pretty pizzas'. Yesterday, a customer came in during the day before she was at work and claimed he'd gotten a burned pizza the night before and wanted his money back. The Angel's boss called her and asked her about it (this guy had done the same thing a month earlier). Not only did the Angel remember who all her customers had been the night before (and this guy wasn't one of them), when she found out he was black, she knew for sure. Seriously? When you're trying to pull a scam, claiming you were someplace the night before, depending on people not remembering if you were there or not, you should probably NOT be a black guy in a place where there are NO BLACK PEOPLE! Yeah, we've got an Asian family and a few Mexicans (Francisco, the non-English speaker for example), but there just aren't any black people here, so if one shows up, people are going to remember. The same thing happened with another guy a few weeks ago, the Angel said, this guy had a bunch of face piercings. The Angel said she's seen one lip ring the entire time she's lived in this town, someone's going to notice if you've got a pin cushion for a face. Some people are so stupid.

One of our local radio stations, in honor of the Packers/Bears game, is playing the song The Bears Still Suck Polka every hour, round the clock, for an entire week. I barely ever listen to the radio, but I'm still amazed at how often I still end up hearing that song. It was playing when my clock radio alarm went off this morning, I think I'm going to change to a buzz alarm. I'm in no way a Packers fan, I'm not a football fan at all anymore, though I don't mind watching a game if it's in front of me. Packermania is more than a tad bit annoying, imo. Besides, let me in on one of my dirty secrets...after 25 years, I'm still just a leeeetle bit in love with Jim McMahon. And, I can tell you, that, 25 years ago, our local Green Bay radio stations NEVER played The Superbowl Shuffle. So, when is this stupid game going to be over?

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Tanya T said...

Oh yeah,,,,,,Jim McMahon was/is a hottie!!! I agree with that, i too had a crush on him!
I bet right about now you are missing Hawaii? It figures the year you come back we have lots of cold winter days, i don't think last year we had this many cold temps in a row.I'm just thankful i'm not living in the NorthEast, they are really getting hammered with snow this year.