Friday, January 14, 2011

Fire!...or maybe not

Wednesday night, we were on our way home from Bible study. About 3 miles from home, we passed a fire truck going the opposite way, its lights off. About 30 seconds after that, Angel #2 announced that she got a text from a friend who lives near us, wondering about all the fire trucks on our road and is it our house? *gulp* Then Angel #4 got a text from a friend whose dad is on the fire department and he heard there was a fire reported on our road, was it us? *double gulp* Needless to say, we all were holding our breath as we got closer to home and you could hear an audible sigh of relief when we saw our house sitting there, dark and quiet, just as we left it. But, we could smell smoke strongly, so the fire must have been nearby, but by the time we got home, all the fire trucks apparently had left, so we don't know whose house it was or what happened. I was just happy to see our house still standing. But, I wasn't happy to see that we'd missed a phone call. Angel #1 had called while we were gone to go over our plans for his graduation and his flight home. It was so disappointing that after missing him so much that day, we ended up missing the first phone call we've had from him since the beginning of November.

Tomorrow hubby is finally going to be in town to see one of Angel #4's basket ball games. He's been gone so much lately that he hasn't been around for a single one yet. After the game, we're going to Angel #2's band concert. She was chosen to participate in the regional honors band program for seniors, so she'll be there working with other kids from other schools all day, then in late afternoon, they're going to have a concert for the parents. It'll be interesting to see what they can accomplish in one day.

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