Sunday, January 16, 2011

busy weekend

All kinds of things keeping us busy this weekend. For the first time, hubs was home to watch Angel #4's basketball game. Once again they won, making them undefeated by a wide margin. Saturday morning, Angel #2 went to a nearby town for an all day rehearsal of the the regional high school honors band. It was pretty cool, they gathered a bunch of the best band kids from each of the schools in our conference, gave them music to practice ahead of time, then brought them together for practice on Saturday. We were all invited to the concert they held at the end of the day. Those kids were so good, I literally got tears in my eyes. After only 6 hours of practice, they sounded downright professional.

Today was Angel #2's 17th birthday. I made her favorite, angel food cake. Her boyfriend came over and took her shopping for the occasion. That was about it, we didn't do anything too exciting.

#2 got a smart phone last week when we all got our new phones. WE, Angel #4 and I all just got regular phones - if they're not considered smart phones, would that make them dumb phones? Anyway, she's now developed an app addiction and is constantly downloading different apps. It got so bad that the other day, her pencil broke and, without thinking, looked to see if there was a pencil sharpener app. She downloaded a DDR app, but since you can't actually dance on your phone, you do it with your fingers. To make it more interesting, she and Angel #4 did the dance steps anyway, just jumped around on the floor while trying to focus on that little screen on her phone. Did you know they made a remake of The Witchdoctor? I figure why even bother to top The Chipmunks. But, someone always thinks they can improve something.

Hubs is headed out to Washington DC again tomorrow for a few days. He'll get home Saturday, just enough time for me to get his laundry done and we'll be out the door early Tuesday morning for San Diego. He added up his days away from home last year and discovered that he was gone over 90 days. If he keeps this up, I'm going to forget what he looks like.

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