Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I allowed to say I'm sick to death of the Packers?

Packer fans are rabid under the most common conditions, put those boys in the Superbowl and it's gonna be nuts around here. I've got to say, I'm happy to be heading out of here tomorrow for a while, that many fewer days I have to hear about the mighty green and gold. I'm thinking it won't be that much of an issue in San Diego.

Talk about San Diego, we're getting ready to head out tomorrow. I can't wait to see Angel #1, though that won't be until Thursday. Wednesday, we're going to Balboa Park and check out a museum or two. I'm just looking forward to warm weather. Angel #4 looked at the thermometer this morning and was excited that it was warming up was 17 degrees. Oh, how far we've fallen from the Hawaiian mentality! It doesn't take long for winter to beat you down and force you to lower your expectations of what constitutes a 'nice' day.

I think I became a fail mom in two different venues this weekend. First, I was at Angel #4's basketball game. One of the little girls playing had spent the night at our house the night before. Apparently, she wasn't really on her game and afterwards, her mother started yelling at her for how badly she played. She was told that she can no longer have sleepovers the night before a game since it affects her performance the next day. See, this is where I fail. I don't really care how my kid plays in a game. Sure, I'd love for her to play well, but I really don't have that much ambition or effort invested in sports to really, deep down, care. I was under the impression that games were supposed to be fun and there shouldn't be consequences for your kid when they don't perform according to your expectations, especially when they're only TWELVE years old. I'm totally NOT a sports mom.

My second mom failure shows that I'm also not a tiara mom. Angel #2 told me that she and her boyfriend have a really good chance at being on their schools Snow Ball Court. I think at this point, as a mother, I was supposed to get teary-eyed and start discussing hair styles and new dresses, instead, I burst into laughter. Then, when I asked if she might have to wear a crown and she said yes, the laughter ratcheted up until I almost wet my pants. #2 and her boyfriend are really, really not your typical Snow Ball Court material. The only reason #2 signed up was an impulse, and I think she thought it would be funny. She didn't tell her boyfriend she signed up until afterwards and thought she'd really have to work to talk him into it. Fortunately for her, he's an easy going guy and went along with it. But the thought of the two of them on the court is pretty hilarious...for the record, she thinks it is too and was laughing right along side me. It'll be interesting to see if they make it on the court, the image of all the blonde, blue eyed kids up there with my emo kid and her multi-pierced boyfriend is pretty darn funny. I'm totally NOT a tiara mom.

I'll be computerless while in San Diego, so I'll give you an update, and probably some pictures, when I get back next weekend.


holliday said...

I fully support your failures as a mom. Keep up the good work!

Afton said...

Yeah, SO not mom fails. I think it's silly to take sports that seriously no matter how old you are. :)

JeanieC said...

I think the term "Snow Ball Court" is hilarious all by its own self.

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