Tuesday, August 31, 2010

she'll have that frosty mug taste

Angel #2 came home from her interview today with a job. She's pretty happy about it. Now we've got to go to Payless and get her approved A&W shoes. They gave her a coupon for 50% off her entire purchase, so I think we'll all go shopping together for shoes since WE and Angel #4 need new tennis shoes for school as well. She starts next week and gets 50% off all the food there and in the adjoining pizza/salad bar, not that there are many vegetarian options at A&W. I think she's considering dropping the whole vegetarian thing anyway. It was her New Years resolution and she wanted to keep it for a year, but I think 8 months is pretty darn good for going meatless.

All this talk about small towns reminded me of a funny (and true) story that happened to me. Back when the kids were little, I was sitting in the rather full waiting room at the Dr's office. A little old lady started chatting with me about the kids and stuff, then asked me my name. I told her and I could see her wheels spinning trying to think of someone with the same last name as mine so she could ask me if I was related to them. Since my husband didn't have any family nearby, I knew she was going to come up short, so I made life easy for her. I told her my maiden name. I'm related to half that town, so I knew she'd come up with someone - I was right. She knew my grandparents. Then she wanted to know which of their 13 kids was my dad, to which I answered: one of the twins. I've discovered it doesn't matter which twin my dad is, since he and his brother are still identical after almost 70 years, that and dads brother only had boys, so it should be obvious which one I belong to. Anyway, then the lady starts asking me if they were the ones born on a bridge, since on of my grandparents kids came before they got to the hospital and was born while going over a bridge on the way there. I'd never heard that story before, so I couldn't answer the lady's question. THEN, a lady who'd been sitting in a different row in the waiting room who'd been listening to our conversation chimed in: Jo Webb was born on a bridge and that was her maiden name. I looked at the old lady and said, there ya go, my Aunt Jo was born on a bridge. sometimes ya wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came....

I've been looking through Craigslist to see if anyone nearby is looking for some part time help in their office or keeping the books as well as I'm still looking for beds. Since our town is tiny, I've got to look in the Craigslists for neighboring towns 30 miles away. Why the heck don't people who are posting the ads put the town they're in? Why should I bother applying for a job that could be in a town 30 miles away in the opposite direction than where I live? CL gives you a spot to put your location, why not use it? Do you not think people are going to want to know where you are to see if it's worth their while to look at that sofa you have for sale or to apply for that part time job? You can't tell me it's for security reasons because you're going to have to tell respondents where you are anyway. What's the big secret? I just don't understand why people waste their time and others when typing in a simple word or two could save everyone a lot of hassle. /rant

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