Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm in Wisconsin and I'm busy

After a loooong flight, Angel #4 and I landed in Wisconsin, sadly enough, my luggage didn't. I was a bit concerned because the bag that didn't make it was the one carrying almost my entire wardrobe. For some reason, I had about 4 or 5 bottoms packed in my carry on bags, but not a single shirt. Thankfully, my suitcase showed up on Saturday night, it went to Memphis, maybe to see Graceland, I don't know.

After spending Saturday sleeping off my jet lag and stuff, Sunday was spent at my family reunion. I'd forgotten what a bunch of rednecks my family is. The highlight of the reunion was the 3-man water balloon launcher. It was like a giant rubber band, with 2 guys holding either end and one guy launching the balloons in the middle. What makes out family special is that they launched the balloons into a group of little kids who were standing on the other side of the park trying to catch the balloons. Every time they'd pick off a little kid, they'd cheer. They were all walking around with big welts on their bodies at the end of the day. WE was offered $5 by my cousin Paul if he'd try to catch a balloon with his face. Yep, my family is a bit unusual- but the food was great. Corn on the cob on the grill, there's something I hadn't had since moving to Hawaii and man, was it GOOD! We also had standard family favorites like rice pudding, brats, chicken gizzards and poppy seed torte. I hadn't realized how much I missed good old Wisconsin food til I got back here.

Monday was spent getting my act together, buying some groceries, doing laundry and just plain old relaxing after the last crazy month I had. Today WE, Angel #4 and I went to Keller Lake day camp for the mentally handicapped. We always volunteered there the first week of August when it's held every year when we lived here. Hubby went last year when he was in WI on vacation and it was so great to be back there today and to see everyone. I was in charge of a pretty high-maintenance camper and I'm beat. I bet we walked miles today, and it was pretty hot and humid. I've got the feeling both of us are going to sleep good tonight.

Angel #2 flies in tomorrow evening, then my whole family will be together again...sort of. Angel #1 lives with my brother - he has all summer - so though we'll all be in the same state, we won't be under the same roof. Talk about roof, we still don't have one. We're staying at Rent-a-Grandma's house until we find a house to rent. She's on vacation until the 10th, so we've just taken over her house. We're so lucky to have her. She even stocked the cupboards for us. Hubs is looking at some places today, so hopefully we'll have a place of our own within the next week or so. We need a place by the end of the month so the kids can enroll in school, which starts right after labor day.

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