Saturday, August 28, 2010

all moved in and back on the net

Uh, I guess the title says it all. We're loving our new house and we're all unpacked, which wasn't too hard since we don't own very much. We still don't have beds, though. Hubs and I have a mattress on the floor, Angel #4 has a thin foam rubber one and the two other kids are sleeping on piles of blankets and sleeping bags. We'll get it all straightened out eventually though.

I got the kids enrolled in their new schools. They're considerably smaller than their old schools, I think there are as many kids in the entire high school as there were in Angel #1's graduating class. On the bright side, I told WE that with only 65 kids in his Freshman class, he'll get to know everybody fairly quickly. Angel #2 isn't happy that she's going to have to take a few Freshman classes - they're required for graduation here, but they weren't in Hawaii, so she's got to take them to graduate. The whole Phy Ed thing was the one that's killing her the most - she really hates it and is torked that she's got to get another half credit of it. Oh well, that's life. The school also has a lot of Agriculture classes (makes sense since this is a major farming community) and #2 is really interested in that kind of thing. So when she's done taking her required freshman classes, the rest of her electives are going to be taken up with small animal studies, FFA and stuff like that.

Along with the school being small, the town is also. The very first day we were here, we went to the school to enroll the kids, then went to A&W for lunch and bumped into people we'd met at the school. While we were moving in a neighbor came over and introduced herself and at Freshman orientation, her sister came up to me and also introduced herself and her son. It sure doesn't take long to meet people when you live in a town as friendly as this one is.


JeanieC said...

So am I correct in assuming you're now living in a different town than you were living in before you moved to Hawaii?

Tanya T said...

I'm glad they are friendly in that little town but you know how small towns are.Friendliness is usually cleaverly diguised as nosiness, they are 'feeling' you out to get to know all about you so they can compair stories later. LOL!
Glad you are moved and settled,hopefully we have a mild winter to ease you back into Wisconsin living.