Saturday, August 21, 2010

the hills are alive with the sound of chain saws

Yesterday Angel #2 and I were at my folks house and it had just started raining. We were going to leave, but my dad suggested we wait until the storm was over. Good thing, since if we'd left when we'd wanted to, we would have been driving through a nearby town just as a tornado hit. Instead, we left after the rain had died down and got to drive through the town, dodging trees, downed power lines and random other things that had found their way onto the road. We also got to go through a flooded intersection. We didn't see it, but my brother said someone had seen a boat sitting in the middle of one of the streets. How cool is that? I guess it was just a little tornado and the whole thing didn't last too long, but it certainly did a lot of damage. There were tree branches lying on cars and houses and we also saw a camper that was turned upside down and not even recognizable as a camper anymore, just a pile of wood, metal and insulation. Weird thing was, we didn't see any major damage going into town and as we were driving out (after waiting for them to pull a dump truck that had been hauling a tractor on a trailer out of the ditch), the road went from being covered in branches and leaves to absolutely nothing, not even a puddle. Tornadoes are weird that way.

Today, there was a scheduled citywide rummage sale in that town and the kids and I went. A lot of the sales were cancelled because people were too busy getting trees off their roofs, but there were still enough to keep us busy for most of the day. Where ever we went though, we could hear the sound of chainsaws cutting trees and we passed I don't know how many city trucks picking up branches and crap that people had piled up at the curbs. There were still people without power this afternoon. Welcome to Wisconsin.

Tomorrow is moving day. We're all really excited to get into our new place. We haven't unpacked the majority of our stuff and we've kind of forgotten what we got rid of and what we saved, so it'll be exciting to see what we've got when we start unpacking tomorrow. I just love surprises.

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Tanya T said...

I wondered if NL was still going to have their city wide sales??? Glad to hear you were able to get to a few of them atleast. Ray was over there Friday night helping a friend cut a large tree limb off their house. He said the town was quite the mess!
Good luck with your move, i hope it all goes smoothly!