Wednesday, July 2, 2014

starting to calm down

As much as I love having all my kids home, I was equally glad to send everyone back where they came from.  Those extra bodies create an added level of chaos in my life that tends to drive me nuts over an extended period of time.  I like normal sameness in my life, I'm not a very exciting person, and having an additional 2 people, sleeping on sofas, living in the living room (which is made for sitting,  not living in, despite its misleading name) and keeping everyone fed and entertained is by no means close to normal sameness.

This is WE's last week home before being shipped off to the Marines on Sunday.  He's trying to get all the  sleep, food and fun he can fit into this week over with in anticipation of having very little of any of those three in the next three months. There was an upset in his plans on Saturday, when during his girlfriend's graduation party, her family got the tragic news that her 12 year old cousin was found dead in her bedroom of unknown cause.  He's now at the funeral home and will be spending tomorrow morning at her funeral.  His poor girlfriend has been struggling for almost a year with the death of her father and to have this happen 2 weeks before the 1st anniversary of his death, along with knowing WE's going to be leaving soon has got to be a huge emotional blow to her, though she's dealing with things rather well, considering.  Angel #4 and I will be going to the wake at the funeral home tonight to pay our respects - her family lives right down the road from us and in the country, living within 5 miles of someone makes you neighbors.  Besides, though I didn't see much of the deceased girl at school, I saw and spoke to her little brother every day and if I saw her dad someplace, we always took a few minutes to chat, as well as totally adoring the rest of WE's girlfriend's extended family.

Other than that, it's been the same old summer stuff, gardening, baby chickens, mosquitoes, etc  Just the way I like it, other than the mosquitoes

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