Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I want a refund on my summer

Okay, it's July 30th and there's only been one single sweaty day this entire summer.  Yep, one day when the temps hovered around 90, other than that, we're happy if things creep up to 80.  Seriously, last night, I had to put a sweatshirt on to put my chickens to bed because it was 57 degrees outside at 9pm.  That is just so seriously wrong.  My garden is taking forever to kick in - I just had my first zucchini of the year last  night for supper.  Other than that, I've had 2 bean pickings, a cucumber (it was bitter tasting) and one eggplant.  What the heck?  Even my peas are just blossoming out now.  They're supposed to be over already and instead they haven't even pea'd out yet (that sounds kind of gross, doesn't it?)  After the incredibly cold winter we had you'd think we'd get a little payback by at least not having to wear a jacket in July, but no such luck.

WE is having a hard time in Basic Training, he's getting depressed and demoralized, which is the whole point of it, I guess.  But I still feel bad for my little boy.  He says it's not the physical part that's so bad, he was in pretty good shape going in, it's the whole mental thing that's getting him down.  He says he's missing things like tasting your food before you swallow it and hygiene in general, 10 minutes for a shower and shave just doesn't cut it.  He's got 3 weeks in now, so he's about 1/4 of the way through, and they say the first month is the hardest, so he'll do great.  I'm sure he's looking forward to October 3rd and graduation day though.

On the flip side, his big brother is waiting for his early discharge papers so he can get out of the Marines and start on his civilian life.  As soon as his discharge comes though, he's jumping into his car and heading to Miami to start school this fall.  Angel #2 is also starting college this fall as well.  So we'll have a kid in San Diego, Houston and Miami - looks like we'll always have a warm place to visit come winter.

My drywall sanding in the living room came to a standstill yesterday.  I think I killed the hand sander.  It stopped dead while I was working on the ceiling.  I'm debating if I should head into town for a new one, I probably should, but then I'll just have to get back to work and frankly, sanding drywall is one of the worst, messiest constructions projects in the history of building.  I can't wait for this project to get finished!

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