Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our road is where all the cool kids hang out

Our little road was the place to be Friday night.  It was the night of our neighbors huge fireworks extravaganza party. Rumor has it that $20,000 was spent on fireworks this year.  He always has his party the same weekend every year, and it's usually full of non-local people since our neighbor doesn't actually live next door, he lives in a town about 30 miles away.  His place out here is more like his big park.  There were a few of us locals at the party, but not many.  So, all our other neighbors also have big parties on the same night so all their friends can enjoy the fireworks as well, we were invited to one of those parties as well and I had more fun at that one since I actually knew people there.  In addition to all the other parties, people from town also come out and park on the side of our road with their families so they can watch the fireworks too.  I suppose if you life in town, it's not much of a novelty to be within walking distance of an event, but when you're out in the boonies like  us, it's kind of cool to just walk home when everyone else is fighting to get out of the driveway.

To add to our novelty, the next day we had a parade of sorts come past our house.  A big veterans group organized a drive-by of about 100 classic cars & Corvettes and about 600 motorcycles.  They came by on our corner, so we grabbed our lawnchairs and set them up next to our neighbors on the other side of the house from the fireworks guy, grabbed our American flags and waved them as hundreds of vehicles went past blowing their horns.  So we had a bunch of big parties, fireworks an a parade, all in the same weekend.  You can't beat that with a stick.

Our living room is still a mess, but we're at the reconstruction phase now instead of the destruction part of the job, which is a whole lot more encouraging.  The old wiring is out, so now our house is completely rewired with modern day materials as opposed to old ceramic knobs and cloth-wrapped electrical wires.  Yay   I'm sure the insurance company will appreciate that as much as they liked it when we replaced the 50 year old roof and the asbestos siding.  Even if we don't get the house completely in the 21st century, we'll at least have it firmly in the 20th, which will be a massive improvement.  As an added bonus, everyone LOVES our bright red roof.

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