Monday, January 13, 2014

Just because the technology is there doesn't mean you should use it

At 1:20 AM (that's in the morning, in case you get am & pm mixed up) the phone rings.  I stagger out of bed and answer it, hoping and praying it wasn't awful news.  It wasn't - it was a moron.
 The caller said, "hey, this is Andy, someone at your number called me a couple of hours ago."
 Me: Okay?????
 Andy: yeah, my number is ######
 Me: ???  I don't know have a clue.  Goodbye.  *click*
Me, once I was back in bed:  Andy, you're an asshole.
People, people, people, if someone called you and didn't leave a message, it doesn't mean you need to call them back.  You can probably assume that if they had someone important to say, they would have left a message.  You don't need to call them to see what they wanted, they obviously didn't want anything.  ESPECIALLY AT 1:20 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!!!  I was so ticked off it took me an hour to get back to sleep.  Turns out that last night, WE called his girlfriend and misdialed her number, getting moron Andy's phone instead.  Andy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law of stupidity and inconsideration.

Friday night we had freezing rain.  Rain can turn to ice on the roads in a matter of minutes, which WE found out as he went sliding into the ditch.  Sadly, he was driving my van at the time, which means that my vehicle is now the one missing the front bumper and not his. Fortunately, WE wasn't hurt,but it sure knocked the cocky out of him.  Because of the amount of cars going in the ditch and the horrible driving conditions, there was a tow ban in effect, so we couldn't even get the stupid thing out until Saturday afternoon, once the roads were clear and a friend came over with her big pick-up we got it out and now it's sitting in the barn, front bumperless.  Hubs is out of town until a week from Thursday, so he won't be around to fix it until then.  It looks real classy.  We're planning on moving to a warmer climate (at least for the winter) once Angel #4 graduates from high school.  It's sounding like a better and better idea all the time.


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