Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sing-Along Thursday

The last day of school went smoothly and I got about a 40% participation rate for lunch number singing.  I contributed as well by singing "Welcome to Lunch" and "What's your number, please?"  I had kids rap their numbers, a little bit of country and even some opera, one kid did his to the opening notes of Smoke on the Water, which was a nice touch.  The boys were much more on board with the singing than the girls were.

Last night hubs and I sold popcorn and cotton candy along the parade route for the Light Parade at the next town over from ours. The parade is put on by the Optimist Clubs, in which hubs is a member, so we got on the concessions volunteer list.  I saw a few of the kids from school there, which was kind of fun.  They thought it was cool to buy cotton candy from the lunch lady - I even made one kid sing "I want a box of popcorn please".  I got strange looks from one parent when her little girl said to me: you make kids eat under the table.   One of the things I do is jokingly tell the kids that if they're overdue on paying for their lunch that they have to eat under the table.  I try to keep a serious face when I say it to the older kids because it's so much fun seeing the looks on their faces.  Okay, I might be a little bit evil.  :)

Last week, hubs did a speech to the business class at the high school.  He wasn't sure if he made much of an impact since high school kids don't show a whole lot of enthusiasm for a lot of things, especially on the last week of school.  WE also sat in the class and got to listen since it was his dad giving the talk, but he's heard it all before, so didn't comment much.  But last night when we were walking the parade route, a lady came up to hubs  and introduced herself as the mother of one of the boys that had been in the class.  She said her son was driving her nuts constantly quoting hubs.  She said he's constantly saying: WE's dad said....    It sounds like he made a real impression.  When I told WE about it last night, he said that there were two boys from the class that kept quoting hubs and he was glad that school was over because they were driving him nuts.  Since there were only 8 kids in the class, he's got at least a 25%  speech success rate.   It's nice to know that even if our kids don't want to listen to their father's wisdom at least somebody's kids do!

Tuesday, Tuna Catterole had an appointment to get spayed.  She was looking pretty preggers and I decided to postpone the appointment.  It's a good thing I did since yesterday she had 4 kittens.  Not quite the plan, but these things happens.  So now I've got to reschedule her spaying and find a home for a bunch of kittens.

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Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I was wondering how the sing-along-Thursday went. :) Sounds like fun.

Yay for hubs getting 25% success rate on his speech!

Too funny about Tuna Caterole. And before you ask, no thank you, NO more cats here at our house. :)