Saturday, June 29, 2013

My fingers don't work anymore

I went on one of my epic gardening jags today.  I think I was out there pulling weeds for about 6 hours today and now my fingers are all stiff and sore.  I'm making tons of typos here, thank goodness for the backspace key.  But, now my garden looks beautious - there's only one little patch of weeds I was too exhausted to deal with.  To give you an idea of how beastly big my garden is, that 6 hours only covered about half the garden, the other half we'd been doing in smaller spurts throughout the week.  Now if we just keep on hoeing, it should be all nice and spiffy for the rest of the summer.  Until stuff starts coming in and I've got more important things to do than pulling weeds, like canning tomatoes and eating fresh kohlrabi.

Tanya, we were just talking about the giant underwear on the clothesline the other day!  I think poor Angel #1 was only in 1st grade when we did that to him.  We start embarrassing our children at a young age at this house!

Hubs didn't make it past the first round at the comedy contest in Winnipeg, but just the fact that he was chosen to go in the first place is pretty darn impressive.  He did a lot of networking when he was up there, so who knows where he might end up next.

This weekend is the huge event for our town.  It's the weekend of the Fireman's Picnic.  There's not a whole ton of stuff going on, but for our little spot on the map, it's a big deal.  Last night hubs and I headed there for the fish fry, the kids stuck around for the band afterwards.  The band was still going when we went back to get the kids, so we hung around to listen for a bit.  They were pretty eclectic.  We heard covers by everyone from Prince, The Georgia Satellites (I got a little change in my pocket goin' jingle lingle ling!) to Eminem and the Goo Goo Dolls.  Today was a 5K walk, horse pulling in the afternoon and another rock band tonight. Angel #4 and a friend went, I'm staying home and trying to keep my muscles from seizing up after all my weed pulling.  Tomorrow is the big parade, more horse pulling and the Wisconsin staple, a polka band.  Angel #1 is coming home tomorrow morning as well for 5 days of leave.  So YAY for him.  Angel #2 is getting in on Monday, then I'll have all my little chicks under my wing again - for a couple days anyway.  To mark this auspicious occasion, we're getting family pictures taken on Tuesday.  We haven't had an actual planned, posed family picture taken in about 10 years, so I think we're long overdue.

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