Friday, June 21, 2013


This winter I had a girls night out (GNO) with my 3 good friends.  We did an overnighter and decided that one night isn't nearly enough time to get all our gabbing in.  So we decided on a two-nighter this summer at my friend Stacey's cabin.  We had the arrival plans and the food schedule all figured out and things looked to be going smoothly, until that morning.  Jamie had to cancel out due to a killer migraine.  This really sucked, especially since Jamie has been fighting chronic migraines for a long time now.  We were all bummed, but the show must go on, the the remaining 3 of us met up at the cabin on Monday noon.  The weather was cool and sunny and we had a nice time sitting on the shore, looking over the lake and talking.  We went for a little walk and even went out to supper with Stacey's dad, who lives next door to the cabin.  He took us all to the restaurant in his beautifully restored 1957 Chevy Bel-Aire. That baby is gorgeous and I felt like Sandra Dee popping out of the backseat - though getting out of the backseat of a 2-door Chevy gracefully is physically impossible.  Later on we watched a movie and spent some more time visiting.  Tuesday morning Donna woke up with a killer migraine and ended up going back home that morning.  So then there were two, it was starting to feel like one of those Agatha Christie English manor murder mysteries where one by one the inhabitants disappear.  Only in our case it was migraines and not a lead pipe in the conservatory and it was a cabin in the woods instead of Graystone Manor.  Stacey and I still had a good time together, but it was pretty disappointing that the whole group of us couldn't be there together like we'd planned.  We're going to try a re-do later in the summer and hopefully we'll have more luck.

Wednesday night, hubs really took it outside the box.  He's been dabbling a bit in doing stand-up comedy, going to open mike nights at various comedy clubs in the area and having a great time.  On a whim, he even enter a video of himself doing one of his routines at the club in The World Series of Comedy.  He made the top 40 and will be competing live in Winnipeg Canada at the end of the month.  YAY HUBS!!  Anyway, he went to the biggest comedy club in the state with a couple of his fellow comics and performed in front of about 250 people and really nailed it.  He had great audience response and had a really fun time.  He messed up on his last joke, giving the punchline and wondered why no one was laughing until he realized that he forgot to do the set-up for the joke first, which is pretty darn funny in itself, if you ask me.  If you want to see his performance, check it out here.


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Despite the setbacks, I enjoyed G2NO!

So glad Steve did great with his comic routine and hope he kills in Winnipeg!

mommustwrite said...

So bummed about missing G2NO. It all sounds so wonderful, well, except for Donna getting sick, too. I'm no quitter though, I say we give it another go!

So glad Steve is doing well with his stand-up stuff. One of these days I'll turn on the comedy channel and say, "Hey, I know him!"

Tanya T said...

Yep, lol, I can totally picture Steve using the intercoms at Walmart! I will never forget the super sized underwear hanging on the clothes line when the school bus dropped your kids off, all to embarrass the kids! Haha.

Angel #2 said...

So jealous of the car! Please tell me you took pictures?

Afton said...

Hahahaha!!! That was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! (If it helps, I did get the Walmart/camera joke before he had to explain it.) :D He did a great job!