Thursday, February 17, 2011

there goes my blogger of the year award

Wow, 9 days since my last post. Time sure does get away fast, doesn't it?

Wisconsin got its January thaw a bit late this year and we're currently enjoying temps in the 40's. It's really brought the snow level down, which is nice. When you have snow piles taller than your car, it's really hard to see what's coming when you're sitting at a stop sign. Now the piles are getting down to manageable size.

Angel #2 enjoyed her time at the Snow Ball. She didn't get chosen as queen, but her friend did, so it was all good. The next dance to conquer is the prom in April. But, before that, both girls have to get through Solo Ensemble, #2 with her flute and #4 on drums. #4 hasn't been doing a whole lot of practicing, but for some reason, she decided she needed to do it last night, when I was fighting a raging headache. Of course, then I get the huffy, "you tell me to practice, but then when I do, you tell me to quit." *sigh* kids

Angel #4 decided to not extend her basketball season to include tournaments. Her coach has 5 or 6 weekend tournaments scheduled for the next two months. Basketball season is officially over, the last game was Feb 5, I really didn't see the point in dragging my daughter all over the place for an entire weekend of basketball and am shocked that people do it. What about people who have more than one child? How can you have real quality time with your family when your free time is spent sitting on metal bleachers in some random gym? I would think that kids would start suffering from sports burnout before they even get into high school. I'm glad #4 came to that conclusion on her own.

Angel #1 has called us a few times from San Diego. Now that he's out of Basic Training, he's allowed to use his phone on the weekends. It's nice to be able to hear from him once in awhile. The Marines encourage the men to get their haircut once a week to make sure it doesn't get too long. #1 said there was a huge line at the base barbershop, but one guy was thinking ahead and brought his own clippers. He was cutting guys hair in the bathroom for a buck a head. Angel #1 took it one step further and simply shaved his head so he didn't have to worry about it for a couple weeks. He said he's not going to shave it again, but it sure is easier to take care of.

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JeanieC said...

I'm glad you get to hear from A1 regularly now, DD. :-)