Sunday, February 6, 2011

enough already

I can safely say I'm really looking forward to the Super Bowl being done. Everyone's got some sort of Packer brain infection, and living right in the heart of Packer Country is an obnoxious place to be if you really don't care about football. I live about a 30 minute drive from Green Bay, a town that has streets named things like Lombardi Ave. and Holmgren Way, and I'm sure there's tons more streets named after Packers players and coaches as well, but I'm such a non-fan I don't recognize the names. I was in town yesterday, the city buses are emblazoned with Go Pack Go banners and someone spray painted their snow green and gold. We won't even discuss the 5am brat fry some local dj's had in the middle of Lambeau Field...not only are brats NOT something I'd want to face at 5am, especially since they're best eaten smothered in sauerkraut, but Lambeau Field aka Land of the Frozen Tundra, is really really cold at 5am in February...heck, it's always cold in February, no matter what time it is.

Today, I took the girls shopping. A local thrift store was having a prom dress sale. They opened the store during non-opening hours and catered entirely to girls in search of inexpensive prom dresses. They had racks and racks of the dresses and both of my girls had a blast trying different ones on, though Angel #2 is the only one with any hopes of going to the prom in next couple years. As I said earlier, Angel #2 is on Snow Ball court, so she also needed a dress for that. Snow Ball dress code lies somewhere slightly below prom, so she needed a short dress-up dress instead of a long one. By the time we were finished, she had both a Snow Ball dress and a prom dress, so she's good for next weekend's dance and for April's prom. She also got a pair of glittery shoes to go with the Snow Ball dress and a hat that looks like something Elmer Fudd would wear. Fortunately, she's not wearing the Elmer Fudd hat to the dance, she figures that if she actually makes Queen, she'll need room on her head for the tiara. I'm so glad she's thinking ahead. :p

Angel #4 had her last season basketball game yesterday. It was another blowout, which makes her team undefeated for the season. Her coach has another 4 tournaments scheduled over the next 2 months, since they're not part of the regular season, they're not required. We opted out. I think 2 months of a sport is enough, besides, as I mentioned earlier with the sports parents, we really want to step back from the whole sports atmosphere. It's fine to be all worked up about sports if that's where your priorities are, but we prefer to direct our emotional energy into something different. We've seen too many families messed up because of sports and we don't want to join them.

We had a nice turnout yesterday for Angel #1's party. About 25 people were here chowing down on soup. They were a fun group and we had a great time together. I've got a little leftover soup, but not so much that we're going to get sick of eating it before it's all gone, so it worked out perfectly.

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