Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'Snow Problem!

Enough with the snow already! I'm not sure how much snow we've gotten, but WE just got in from shoveling and announced that there are drifts higher than his head...and since he's taller than me, I think that means I won't be wandering around the back yard any time soon. School was cancelled yesterday and today, though the snow stopped falling before 7 this morning, so they probably jumped the gun a little on today's cancellation. But, the wind is still blowing pretty hard, so I'm sure there's still going to be a lot of drifting. Angel #1 is a bit bummed though, he wasn't planning on spending most of his 10 day leave time sitting at home with his family. He's had to cancel plans he made with his friends since nobody can go anywhere. What makes it even worse is that his best buddy's grandma is seriously ill and has only a matter of days left to live, so that will cancel a few more plans, I'm sure.

We've got a funeral today for a friend we used to go to church with. She was 95 years old, so she had a good long haul, and the last 5 years she's suffered from severe dementia, so her death is a blessing. But even so, that doesn't stop making you feel sad at her loss.

It was kind of nice yesterday having all 4 kids together at home. Since we were snowed in, they
couldn't go anywhere or have anyone over, so it was just the 6 of us together. The girls and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, the boys played their computer games and watched a guy movie with hubs. Today, we head to rent-a-Grandma's before the funeral. We're meeting up with some other friends there who are also going to the funeral. Those friends are about a 3 hour drive from us, so I'm glad we're going to get a chance to see them and their 3 little kids. I'm sure they've grown a lot since we saw them last in September.

Angel #1 told us of something that happened the night he reported in to Basic Training. He hadn't gotten his Marine haircut yet and, unfortunately, the officer in charge of checking the guys in noticed #1's unfortunate resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite (especially in those awful
military issue glasses they gave him). Poor #1 was forced to say "eat the food Tina" and even had to go up in front of another officer and say "Gosh". We were laughing our butts off when he was telling us, though I'm sure he didn't think it was too funny at the time. We were in the Marine Museum on the base when he was telling us, and while we were there, one of his Marine
friends came up and said, "hey, remember when we got off the bus? Gosh." That got us laughing all over again. We just told him he should be happy the guy didn't make him do a Napoleon dance in moon boots. I think #1 is going to keep his hair short from now on so he'll never be mistaken for Napoleon again.

Here are my boys, Kip and Napoleon aka WE and Angel #1

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