Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the wheels in the sky keep on rollin'....

but the ones on my car - not so much. Friday night the fire department from a nearby town was having a fundraiser fish boil dinner. We love us a good fish boil, so the Daydreamer fam hopped into the car and we started off down the road. We got as far as our neighbors driveway when we heard a weird noise. I pulled over and hubs jumped out of the car to see that a sharp chunk of a bone the neighbors dog had left lying in the road managed to puncture my back tire. Ironically, hubs had just fixed a nail hole in that same tire that very afternoon and we'd been discussing the possibility of maybe needing to buy new back tires. Well, that decision turned out to be easy. I spent Saturday morning sitting at the tire place getting new tires put on the car and getting the oil changed (another thing that needed doing that I'd been putting off). We did eventutally make it to the fish boil and it was GOOD! Saturday night we went to a church function (we'd been planning on going Sat. morning, but I spent it at the tire place instead). We saw friends and acquaintances we hadn't seen in years and heard/made comments on how our/their kids had gotten so big since we'd seen each other last. Angel #1 was there and it was so nice to see him. He lives about an hour+ drive away so we don't see him nearly as much as we'd like.

We got home on Sunday night and had a wonderful voicemail message waiting for us. Our very best friends from Hawaii who'd moved to Colorado this spring were in the general area and we're coming to our house to visit us. YAY! They showed up Monday afternoon and we had a great evening visiting and having a Bible study together, just like we did back when we all lived in Hawaii. Today we went to a local historical park. Our friend is a huge history buff and really enjoyed checking out the old fur traders cabin, the circa 1836 military fort and all the other cool things they have there. We had gorgeous weather in the low 70's, which is awesome since I thought we'd be getting our first frost any day now. I've got the sneaking suspicion that today was summer's last gasp and things are going to get cold and nasty from here on out. I'm hoping I'm wrong though. The leaves are starting to change colors and will probably peak in about a week or two, then it's all over but the snow, baby.

Tonight I'm nagging all the kids to get packing. We're planning on leaving tomorrow right after school lets out and driving about 4 hours across the state for a church convention. We're coming home Sunday night. There's always so much packing and organizing to do, but it's so much easier now than it was back when the kids were little and I had to do ALL the packing. Life's so much easier when your kids can start taking care of their selves.

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