Thursday, September 16, 2010

spell check is your friend

I always get amused at the many people who spell refrigerator with a "d" (refridgerator) but today, I think I saw a new record. TWO "d"s! I didn't think you could do it, but I thought wrong. Someone is selling a refriderador. I'm impressed. The best one though was printed as signage on a business vehicle: John's Heating and Refridgeration Yeah, he couldn't even spell his profession correctly. It must have been pointed out to him, because when I saw the same truck about a month later, the spelling was corrected. I confess, I'm a spelling snob - which is funny because my husband is famous for his atrocious spelling and, more than once, has stated that words should be spelled the way they're pronounced. Funny statement coming from a man named Stephen, don't ya think?

Talk about the hubs, we went on a walk around the block together last night. Since we live in the country, around the block is about 2 miles, so it was a nice walk. It was kind of windy and chilly though and the house sure did feel nice and warm when we got home. I'd forgotten how quickly it gets cold in Wisconsin, I'm sure we'll have our first frost in the next week. But even though it was cold, I couldn't help notice how pretty the walk was. I think there's beauty in most places (not so sure about the miles of lava fields in Hawaii though) and Wisconsin has to rank right up there. Maybe because it's where I grew up and it's familiar beauty, but I just love looking at the patchwork of fields. In our small walk, we passed fields of corn, alfalfa, soybeans and a couple of fenced in steers and heifers. A lot of these were boardered by trees, oak and maple, with some maple leaves getting a tinge of color on their leaves already. I missed seeing all those things while living in Hawaii. I went from having a view of the ocean out my living room window to a small woods. In another couple weeks, my backyard is going to be a mass of red and yellow maple leaves...then it'll be snow, which I'm not quite as excited to see.

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Tanya T said...

LOL,Dulcie, how can you forget the time you had to correct my Dad on his spelling of Wholesale? Didn't he spell it Hosale? He's another one whom Hooked on Phonics has failed. Mom gets so frustrated with his spelling.