Thursday, September 30, 2010

every fall, the trees are filled with toilet paper; every spring, the toilets explode

Yep, it's homecoming week here in our little town. As the family of a high school senior, we've had the dubious honor of having our front yard get TP'd last night. Angel #2 says it's a sign of love and affection. She's going out tonight to show some love and affection to other people. She's such a humanitarian. In our years of living in Hawaii, I'd forgotten just how important Homecoming is in a small town - it wasn't even a blip on the radar at ol' Kealakehe High, but here in Smallsville, WI, it's an event. It's been spirit week this week and Angel #2 left the house today wearing a Fairy Godmother dress and a magic wand. Tomorrow is school colors day and she managed to borrow two baton twirler uniforms from the band uniform supply closet and she and her friend are going to be wearing a lovely black polyester number liberally strewn with orange sequins. Tomorrow night is the big game and she's got a nasty looking/smelling wool band uniform to wear for the marching during the halftime show. And of course, there's the toilet papering of trees going on after dark during the entire week.

It was kind of funny how hooked up kids are. Last night while our yard was being TP'd, Angel #2 went on the facebook page of one of the kids who was out doing the decorating and said they should come in the house for cupcakes. I told her I didn't think the kid would be checking his Facebook while TPing, but 10 minutes after they left, they were back and I had random teenagers in my driveway calling out for cupcakes. Next thing I knew, the random teens were in our house, munching cupcakes - I figured discretion was the better part of valor and went to bed to escape the crowd.

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