Saturday, September 4, 2010

life goes on

The kids are settling into school life, making friends, doing homework, etc. WE is still having some issues, but the girls are making friends. Angel #2 was pretty upset about having to take another half credit of phy ed since they require more here than they did in Hawaii, but she's fortunate. The locker rooms were last on the list of remodeling in the school and aren't done yet, so the kids can't use them. This means that they have to do non-sweaty things in PE. This week they're doing archery, she's not that good, but she's enjoying it. Funny thing about being in such a small school. They loaded her class up in a bus and hauled the kids a couple miles down the road to the local hunt club (where the other 2 kids are taking hunter's safety) and they're doing the archery there. In a refreshing lack of bureaucracy, there were no permission slips for me to sign and no waivers needed even though the kids are running around shooting weapons. How cool is that? I'm loving the whole small farm town thing - people are much less uptight about things like that.

I'm getting reminded about Wisconsin weather big time. The temperatures were in the mid 50's today - a far cry from the 90 degrees we had at the beginning of the week. We were all pretty cold today and WE wanted to turn on the furnace, but I refuse to run the air conditioner and the furnace in the same week - it's just all kinds of wrong. Besides, in Wisconsin, it's a point of honor to not turn on your furnace until body parts start turning blue with cold and the water in your fish bowl had a crust of ice on it.

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Tanya T said...

Oh yeah, i hear ya. We have furnace wars in this house. I can hold out MUCH longer than hubby can. I like to push the mid October hold out.Though i am usually the first to turn the a/c on.