Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the doctor is NOT in

I am pleased to announce that finally, after 23 years, the voice hubs hears in his head is MINE.  I'm the cheap one in our relationship.  I try to find good deals, I do without if something isn't absolutely necessary and, if I give in to an impulse buy, they usually tend to be fairly economical and practical (except for peanut M&M's).  Hubs, not so much.  He tends to come home with some pretty crazy stuff sometimes.  There are times I think he goes to the dump and his truck is heavier coming out than going in, and I won't even talk about the four 1960's era beauty shop hair dryers currently sitting in one of our sheds.  Well, today he was telling me that he listened to me in a situation and didn't buy something and now he was regretting it.  What I asked what it was, he said it was the dwarf costume.  I didn't have a clue what he was talking about and told him so and he said that he didn't actually talk to me about it, he just heard my voice in his head telling him it was a stupid purchase, so he resisted the urge to buy it, and now, the next day, he was experience non-buyers remorse.  His buddy down in Hawaii had a bunch of costumes, the kinds with the big heads and stuff like they have at Disney World and he wanted to sell them.  One of them was Doc, one of Snow White's dwarfs and he really really wanted the Doc costume but passed by because of my voice in his head.  He had second thoughts the following day and went back to his buddy and by then, he'd sold the whole lot to some guy from Maui who picked them all up this morning.  Hubs is pretty disappointed - he had planned on wearing it while going through TSA at the airport. I, on the other hand, just sighed in relief.

My van is still in the shop after over a week. The first two days I was using a loaner car, but since then, I've been driving hubs truck, the Deathmobile.  I don't like driving his truck, I'm not sure if it's because there's a hole in the floor and I can see the road rushing past beneath my feet, or if it's the missing driver's side door handle which necessitates opening the door with a wire, or maybe it's because the shifter knob comes off in my hand whenever I put the truck into 2nd gear, all I know is that I really want my van back.

Saturday night, Angel #4, Rent-a-Grandma and I went to the high school fall play.  They were doing The Oz Monologues and it was pretty darn funny.  I was even more impressed with the production when I found out one of the actors bailed out of the show two days before opening night and the kids had to improvise.  When it's the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man bails, it's a pretty big speed bump, but the kids did a great job, flawlessly inserting into the play why the Tin Man was MIA and I had no idea it wasn't part of the original script until #4 told me about it afterwards.  Coincidentally (or not) the Tin Man was the exact same girl who bailed out at the last minute when she was supposed to sing the National Anthem with #4 before a volleyball game last month.  I'm sensing a definite pattern here.  I mentioned it to my friend, Connie, who directs the Senior play every year, so she'll know to keep Lexi out of any major roles if she doesn't want any surprises with that production.  All the talent in the world doesn't compensate for being unreliable.  Marilyn Monroe may have gotten away with it, but until you're Marilyn Monroe, it's probably best that you adhere to your commitments.

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