Wednesday, November 20, 2013

 Jeanie_C said...
"... the boys were goofing around during practice and Kyle received a severe concussion."
I want to know the rest of this story.
Well Jeanie, you had boys, so chances are you won't have too hard of a time filling in the blanks.  Last fall, either during or after practice, depending on who you talk to, the boys were wrestling around in front of the school.  One of the boys had Kyle and somehow dropped him on his head.  They didn't realize anything was wrong until that night when Kyle came out of his bedroom and told his parents there was water running down his bedroom walls.  Since his room was bone dry, his folks knew there was something going on and it turned out that the drop on his head gave him a really bad concussion.  Last year was a bad year for concussions on the cross country team, not only did Kyle receive one, but Joel received two, one when he staggered into another kids as they were crossing the finish line and they knocked heads really hard and the other one during practice when he was driving  his car to the big hill where they practice at and his brakes went out and he got in an accident.  I think the cross country team had more concussions than the football team that year.  Who knew XC was such a dangerous sport???

Hubs found our little barn kitty, Bana-katta-lotta dead up in the hay mow yesterday.  We suspect she got into some rat poison since there wasn't a mark on her.  This morning, our other barn kitty, Tuna Catterole was drooling and slobbering real bad, so I think she got into the same stuff that killed her daughter.  I'm hoping she'll be alright, she's a sweet little cat, but I'm not too optimistic.

Our neighbor brought season 7 dvd's of Dr Who over on Sunday and Angel #4 and I have been having a Whovian film festival this week trying to catch up for the big world premier of the 50th anniversary special airing on Saturday.  We going over to the neighbors to watch it at her house (she's got a full sized Tardis in her son's bedroom) and planning on bringing some Dr Who related snack foods for munchies.  There's going to be a new Dr for season 8, which I'm a little hesitant about.  It's always difficult getting used to a new Doctor, but hopefully I'll soon love him as much as I loved Dr's #9, 10 & 11.

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Jeanie_C said...

Thanks for the explanation. The worst our kids got was one got a broken leg from wrestling around before school, and another got a broken arm from horsing around at a softball game. The insurance company in both cases wanted to know how the accident happened. In Kyle's case, with permanent brain injury, I'll bet someone had some 'splainin' to do. What a sad, sad case.