Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What did you just say???

Yesterday, Angel #2 told me that today was the first time at work that there was an animal death that she was directly responsible for.  Then she said, WAIT, that did NOT come out right!  She then went on to say that she wasn't responsible for the death, she was responsible for the animal. Apparently, the dog stopped breathing and she was manually breathing for it with whatever thingy vets use to artificially breath for animals and she had to continue doing so until they got permission from the dogs owner go let it go.  So yeah, she was responsible for breathing for it until she got the okay to stop, I guess.  Fortunately, she's able to distance herself emotionally from the animals for the most part and doesn't cry when there's a death at the hospital - which is good because she's essentially working in an animal ICU and there are a lot of fatalities when you're dealing with majorly sick animals.  Personally, the whole thing kind of grosses me out, but I don't understand the whole pet thing in the first place.

Talk about pets, its been beautiful and sunny here the last couple days - daytime temps in the 50's.  Anyway, with the sun streaming in the windows, it's been doing a lot of reflecting off of things and onto the floor and walls.  Diesel the doofus dog has spent the last three days trying to catch the reflection of the sun off his dog tags.  I am talking about literal HOURS here, spent snapping at lights and scratching his paw against the walls trying to catch the reflection.  WE had the bright idea the other night to hook a lit flashlight onto the dogs collar, I swear the dumb mutt was going crazy trying to catch the beam.  He also dismembered one of Angel #4's stuffed animals, a monkey, and the cats have been playing with one of the legs ever since.  I'm finding that stupid monkey paw all over the place, it's like living in that one horror story.

Tomorrow hubs is coming home - at least he will if the morons at LAX get their heads out of their butts and realize that creating a strike that will only tick off the general public, isn't a very smart way to sway people to their side of an argument.  Sometimes people aren't very bright.

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